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Middlesbrough News

ByDave Stopher

Nov 3, 2019 #Business

Middlesbrough’s standing on the table is about to affect the new signings in the winter window, as we’ve found out recently.

They are currently at the bottom of the line and hold the not so glorious position number 22. This means they will definitely need to think about their squad and what to do to make it better because something obviously isn’t right at the moment.

Some of the players they have invested in have not proven their worth and the club needs to rethink new opportunities twice this time. In total, Boro spent over £70m on previous transactions that did not bring any success. Now they tend to invest in younger, talented players who will be glory-hungry.

However, this is not easy at all. Usually, the most talented young players are easy to spot among the ones who are doing just fine. This means all the clubs will focus on signing the same young players, which makes it difficult to get them at a good price.

In case they manage to enrich their squad with some fresh meat, they even might move upwards and make some drastic changes on the table. This will have to be closely monitored by the bookies that should have the latest info in order to create the best odds. If there’s nothing you would rather do, check the 888 sport betting review to find out more regarding this topic.

Transfer Rumours

Another problem for Middlesbrough is the fact they have players whose contracts are about to expire. The club management can either offer them better terms to make them stay or simply let them go when the time comes.

One of the players in the spotlight who belongs to this group is a central defender Daniel Ayala who is on the radar of three other Championship competitors. Leeds, Stoke, and Fulham are all willing to invest in this 29-year-old player, hoping he would be a good backup.

Leeds United is the one showing quite a lot of interest, although Boro’s fans clearly show that they would miss him on the field. They announced this on Twitter, showing discontent for such possible actions.

Even Jonathan Woodgate, Boro’s manager and a former Leeds’ defender, seems to be eager to keep Ayala on the team. He is reconsidering what terms he could offer to the defender in order to make him stay.

Ayala’s experience in the Championship is definitely worth mentioning since he appeared more than two hundred times in England’s second league. Apart from numerous appearances and a job well done, Ayala’s also gained promotion with Middlesbrough, which is considered to be a valuable experience.

It doesn’t come as a surprise that other teams are waiting for a perfect moment to grab Ayala from Boro’s hands. Now, Boro is faced with a tough decision since Leeds wants the defender to pack his bags and change his home in the January transfer window. If that happens, Boro will still get some income from that transfer.

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