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Most Popular Office Milk Choices – Office Groceries

Choice of milk has become a point of much contention for Britons in the past few years. As consideration for the environment and our health increases, so do the options for alternative plant-based milks. It’s no longer as simple as popping to the shop for a pint of milk – the choice can leave one feeling a bit overwhelmed. This is especially true when it comes to the workspace. We don’t have time to stand there and ponder over what we’re putting in our coffee when we’re already running 5 minutes late for a meeting. But never fear, your dairy godmother is here to give you all the info to help you decide which milks to include in your office milk delivery and which you should choose for your morning cuppa! 

At Office Groceries, we offer a wide range of fresh milk to offices, so don’t fret, we’ve got your fresh milk deliveries covered. 

1. Cow is still king

According to the Guardian, a staggering 96% of adults used some kind of milk in 2019 and of that, 87% was cow’s milk. So it remains clear that for the majority of office workers, your standard whole, skimmed and semi-skimmed are the favourites. When it comes to choosing which of these three to have in the office milk delivery, that is at your discretion – why not ask members of staff which they prefer? But one thing is certain: cow’s milk is still a must-have staple for the office.

When it comes to personal choice, it’s worth bearing in mind that whole milk has more calories and fat than skimmed and semi-skimmed. Nonetheless, a recent study has suggested that whole milk is higher in vitamins A and E, so don’t dismiss it just yet. Whichever you prefer to froth up for your afternoon cappuccino, there will be benefits to it.

2. The future is plant-based

In a study carried out by Mintel in 2019 it was revealed that 23% of Brits used plant-based milk in the three months up to February 2019. This figure is increasing year by year and it does seem to be a generational thing. The percentage of 16-24 year olds drinking cow’s milk fell from 79% in 2018 to 73% in 2019. So if there are a lot of 20-something year olds in your office, bear in mind that having alternative milk in the fridge alongside cow’s milk is a good idea.

Your decision on whether to use alternative milk should be influenced by health, environmental and satisfaction. The alternatives we provide for our office milk delivery are lower in fat that cow’s milk, especially our Alpro Soya and Almond milks. It is also worth bearing in mind that switching from cow’s milk to alternatives will reduce your carbon footprint, as dairy contributes more to the 25% of greenhouse gas emissions that agriculture is responsible for. Why not add some plant-based milks to your milk delivery to encourage you and your fellow staff to try them?

 On a lighter note, taste is also important. According to Mintel, 21% of Brits think that nut milks add more flavour to coffee and tea than cow’s milk. The majority of milk consumption in the office will be in these drinks, so it’s worth seeing if you and the rest of the office prefer it.

Make sure to check out the products we offer in our fresh milk delivery service! We hope we’ve given you a bit more information to help you decide how to stock your office, but at the end of the day, don’t let the choice stress you out. It’s no biggie – there’s no point crying over spilt milk.