Any European country is filled with places where you could confess your love for your beloved person. Many think of places like the Eiffel Tower in Paris and other wonders of the world to propose their love to their partner but many aren’t aware of the fact that Russia is filled with a lot of places where you could create memories for a lifetime with your loved one. Obtaining a Russian invitation letter isn’t a very big deal as the country is very welcoming to tourists with open arms. Just include the spaces in the list and have a memorable time with your partner.

  1. Moscow 

The capital city has a lot of exciting destinations to visit and is one of the best spots for your honeymoon. The city has a vibrant nightlife where you could party till you drop. A lot of people assume that Russia is a country where the temperatures are extreme and it doesn’t provide any space for the honeymoon goers but the top-notch accommodation offered by the cities in Russia make it an ideal spot for a honeymoon.

  1. Kazan

If you and your partner want to feel like princesses and princes in the Aladdin stories, then Kazan must be on your list. The unique architecture and the friendly people of the city make it a very memorable place for honeymoon couples. The Museums, towers and domes are a treat to the eyes. The Volga River flows through Kazan which makes it very beautiful.

  1. Vladivostok

You would have heard of Vladivostok in the history textbooks but you’re less aware of the fact that it’s one of the top honeymoon locations in Russia. The landforms, mountains, waters make a complete package for the couple.

  1. Dimitrov

Dimitrov is the city you could have seen in a lot of computer wallpapers where the hot balloons are floating in the sky above the densely populated city. If you’re looking forward to enjoying a ride among the clouds with your loved one in those heart-shaped balloons, then it’s a must to have Dimitrov on the list.

  1. Saint Petersburg

This city was used as a major port during the past for the Russians to conduct relations with the other countries of the globe. The excellent architecture of the city ranges from Peterhof to a fortress where the couple could feel like king and queen. The entire city of st. Petersburg is filled with a lot of sightseeing and the warm people in the city make you feel very welcomed and you’re sure to create memories for a lifetime in this city. The best part about St. Petersburg is that it’s located very close to the capital and the roads connecting Moscow and St. Petersburg are very great that makes up for a perfect road trip as well with your partner.

  1. Yekaterinburg

This is one of the cities where you could have a taste of both Russia and Asia. It borders both the continents of Europe and Asia and has very charming nightlife. You could also enjoy adventure activities like parasailing and skiing with your loved ones. River rafting and tubing are also widely enjoyed activities. The best part about planning your honeymoon to these romantic cities in Russia is that it doesn’t cost you a fortune. The pictures you get to click in these places stand as a testimony to your love and affection for each other.

Picking Russia as your honeymoon spot is one of the best choices you could ever make. Russia has all sorts of places to suit any taste. If your partner is an adventure freak, then there are places to satiate their thirst for adventure and if you’re fond of historical structures and architectural marvels, then Russia has excellent offerings. The perfect blend of ancient beauty with modern innovation makes Russia an ideal spot for your honeymoon. If you’re planning a trip to Russia for your honeymoon after obtaining the Russian visa then try including these romantic places on your travel agenda.

Though the list could be endless, these are some of the most romantic places in Russia you should visit after obtaining a Russia Visa.