Affiliate marketing is one of the common ways to earn passive income online. Some even get the chance to make a good sum of money. Amazon Associates is one of the most sought-after affiliate programs because it’s easy to receive approval and it has a lot of products to choose from.

You have to choose the ones that are proven to be the best. To know more about an affiliate marketing business, click here. Here are the following most successful Amazon affiliate marketing businesses:

  1. ThisIsWhyImBroke

One of the Amazon Affiliate Websites that showcases fun gadgets and gag gifts such as oddities and tech that most people buy from Amazon is the ThisIsWhyImBroke. Moreover, they often offer cool but hidden products that are available on Amazon.

Although they allow companies to post their products on their site, most of their revenue is from their Amazon affiliate marketing. By allowing such, sources of products are not a problem since they have companies willing to post on their site.

One of their features is that the most popular products are usually posted on top. And because their site allows continuous scrolling, you don’t need to navigate from one page to another.

Their monetization strategy relies on the affiliate links instead of ads. Most of the products are usually linked to Amazon.

To rank high, they simultaneously use search engine optimization (SEO) and other promotions to generate traffic, where they have 320K+ Facebook followers, 20K+Pinterest followers, and 10.5K Twitter followers. As a result, their monthly visits can get as high as 2.70 million.

With their high traffic and visits, they usually generate around USD 20,000 from Amazon alone.

  1. TheWireCutter

One of the best review sites of Amazon Affiliate is the New York Times Company’s TheWireCutter. The products that they test and review are electronics and gadgets. When they review a product, they do it by batch or groups. They test them out and thereafter create a blog with each product’s pros and cons.

Their reviews consist of high-end content, where they create even 5,000-word posts for a review, especially the high-priced ones. Since the founder, Brian Lam, aims to produce useful content, they opt to publish content that does not need updating or that goes obsolete after some time. As a result, their site produces high-quality buying guides from testing, reviewing, and researching the products. Because they have a high chance of being viral for their reviews, they become a model on how to produce high-quality review blogs.

Aside from their in-depth content, one of their monetization tactics is their use of callouts wherein they put their best picks at the top and bottom of every review. With 43K+ Facebook followers, 2.3K+ Pinterest followers, and 61.1K+ Twitter followers, they can generate an 8.60 million monthly site visits. Moreover, they had USD 150 million worth of e-commerce sales in 2015.

  1. OutdoorGearLab

Though it’s a review site, a lot say that it’s more like REI or Recreational Equipment, Inc.’s site. It’s because the products they review are for outdoor activities. Regardless of such similarity with REI’s products, OutdoorGearLab is one the most trusted and biggest sites that evaluates outdoor gears.

Similar to TheWireCutter, they choose the best products to test and review, which results in high-quality blog reviews. The products they review can consist of ski gloves, cycling gears, and other outdoor equipment. The detailed reviews that compare different products are easy to understand because it’s in a table format. Their overview includes their method of testing such products, buying advice, price chart, ratings, and their top five products. Moreover, the site’s focus is to build trust from visitors, which resonates in their content.

Since their focus is building a community and providing high-quality content, OutdoorGearLab has become an authority or credible site instead of being just a blog. As a result, OutdoorGearLab gets an average monthly visit of 1.60 million from the 10K+ Facebook followers, 4K+ Twitter followers, and 17K+ YouTube followers.

  1. 100 Days Of Real Food

100 Days Of Real Food is a food suggestion website that challenges users to stop consuming processed food for 100 days. Its rule is to eat healthy food by offering thousands of healthy recipes, including meal preparation guides.