North Tyneside residents have elected Mary Glindon and Alan Campbell as Members of the UK Parliament to represent the North Tyneside and Tynemouth constituencies, respectively.


Mary Glindon (Labour) was elected in North Tyneside with 33,456 votes (64.36%), ahead of Henry Newman (Conservative) with 14,172 votes (27.26%), Gary Legg (UKIP) with 2,101 votes (4.04%), Greg Stone (Liberal Democrats) with 1,494 votes (2.87%) and Martin Collins (Green) with 669 votes (1.29%).


Alan Campbell (Labour) was elected in Tynemouth with 32,395 votes (56.87%), ahead of Nick Varley (Conservative) with 20,729 votes (36.39%), John Appleby (Liberal Democrats) with 1,724 votes (3.03%), Stuart Houghton (UKIP) with 1,257 votes (2.21%), Julia Erskine (Green) with 629 votes (1.10%) and Anthony Jull THE DURHAM COBBLER (independent) with 124 votes (0.22%).


Mary Glindon (Labour) has represented the North Tyneside constituency since 2010, while Alan Campbell (Labour) has represented Tynemouth since 1997.


The turnout in the Tynemouth constituency was 56,964, which was 74.48 per cent of the total electorate. The turnout in the North Tyneside constituency was 51,984, which was 66.77 per cent of the total electorate.