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  • A leading player in the Light Commercial Vehicle market for 90 years, today Citroën unveils its 100% electric compact van: ë-Dispatch. Following C5 Aircross SUV Hybrid and Ami, the brand is continuing its “electrification for all” offensive, which will result in the launch of six electrified models in 2020.
  • In keeping with its Inspired by Pro philosophy, Citroën continues to develop solutions tailor-made to the needs of business customers, including efficient products (Berlingo Van, Dispatch, Relay) and the dealer network (Business Centres, La Manufacture etc.).
  • This new 100% electric version of Dispatch offers fleet and business users practical solutions to the challenges of mobility in urban environments – and in rural areas too thanks to the impressive operating range, which is sufficient for most journeys. ë-Dispatch makes it possible for all users to conduct their business in a new way, directly participating in energy transition.
  • With no compromise in terms of performance and features – which have made Dispatch such a success  ë-Dispatch brings a new dimension in terms of comfort and greater peace-of-mind to all tradespeople:
    • Operating range suitable for most daily tasks.
      • 143 miles on the WLTP cycle with a 50 kWh battery
      • 205 miles on the WLTP cycle with a 75 kWh battery
    • Comfort – freedom from vibration and noise, and a remarkably smooth
    • Driveability – always in electric mode.
    • Less stress in use – freedom to access restricted low emission zones (CO2 emissions limits).
    • Load capacity remains unchanged – compared to combustion engine versions.
    • Reduced operating costs.
  • ë-Dispatch will arrive in UK showrooms during the second half of 2020. It will be joined by a 100% electric version of Relay at the end of the year and an electric Berlingo Van next year. From 2021, the entire Citroën LCV range will include electrified models alongside efficient internal combustion engines.


Citroën has been a leading player in the utility vehicle market for many years. It is hard to forget the intriguing body shapes that have marked LCV history, such as the 2CV van, Type H, C15 or Berlingo. This lineage carries on today via a modern range of vans with their own strong characteristics – Berlingo Van, Dispatch and Relay – that stand out thanks to their practicality and benchmark comfort. Models inspired by professionals, featuring a variety of configurations to meet the needs of each business customer.

The brand knows business customers have different expectations to private customers, which is why Citroën has more than 350 dedicated Business Centres across Europe (G10). The “Inspired by Pro” philosophy has recently been enhanced, with the launch of a new retail concept aimed exclusively at business customers under the La Manufacture Citroën banner (currently operational in France, The Netherlands, Belgium and Spain). This initiative demonstrates the Citroën brand’s strong desire to offer business customers tailored services, personalised contact and comfortable surroundings, ensuring they enjoy a unique and professional experience.

In 2020, the brand is launching a major electrification offensive across its commercial vehicle range. Citroën is widening the choice of electric vehicles available to business users, with a range that will be 100% electrified by 2021. It will be comprised of ë-Dispatch, unveiled today, plus a 100% electric version of Relay in the second half of 2020, and a 100% electric version of Berlingo Van during 2021. This range will benefit business users by offering a benchmark level of comfort, controlled operating costs, freedom to access town centres and the ability to keep up with the growth of e-commerce.

Citroën Dispatch – launched in 2016 and with almost 145,000 examples sold – recently updated its range in order to more closely match the needs of business customers. Combining sturdiness with a large load capacity, Citroën Dispatch now offers an extensive range across four trim levels, including two recent additions (Worker and Driver) that are aimed at two separate types of usage:

Worker – for construction sites (with raised suspension, underbody protection, increased payload and Grip Control®).
Driver – for long delivery rounds (with driver assistance systems dedicated to comfort and safety).

This new range makes Citroën Dispatch the essential partner for business users with varied needs.


Citroën expects to position ë-Dispatch at the top of the BEV (Battery Electric Vehicle) market, with an offering that is highly adapted to the needs of fleet and business LCV customers. Totally integrated into the Dispatch range, ë-Dispatch is only visually different on the outside due to the charging port positioned on the left-hand front wing. Plus a blank section in the grille at the front, and a new “ë” badge fitted to the right of the grille and again on the left-hand rear door.

Built on the Groupe PSA EMP2 multi-energy platform, this electric version of Dispatch is offered with two battery powertrains – giving two levels of vehicle range – allowing every operator to select the one that best suits their needs and budget:

  • 143 miles on the WLTP cycle (available with XS and M body styles) fitted with a 50 kWh battery, made up of 18 separate modules.
  • 205 miles on the WLTP cycle (available with M and XL body styles) fitted with a 75 kWh battery, made up of 27 individual modules.

BEST IN CLASS – With its two range options, ë-Dispatch is best in its segment for meeting market requirements.

Whichever range option the customer chooses, Citroën ë-Dispatch is fitted with a lithium-ion battery pack – currently the best-developed technology on the market. Most importantly, the EMP2 platform allows the batteries to be mounted in the chassis, so maintaining the van’s load volume. The batteries store and supply the energy for the electric motor, and the air-conditioning and heating systems. The charge level is displayed on the instrument cluster in front of the driver, alongside a reserve warning light.

A 12V accessory battery supplies the traditional vehicle electrical system. It is automatically re-charged from the drive battery pack.

New ë-Dispatch offers all the advantages of the architecture from the existing internal combustion engine (ICE) versions. This means compact exterior dimensions, while offering modularity, ergonomics, interior space, storage space and optimised loading capacity, making it an ideal work tool. ë-Dispatch is available in three lengths, including the XS model at 4.60m – designed for easier access to urban centres and for unfettered parking. This length, coupled with a volume of up to 5.1m3, makes for an extremely compact van.

Note: 50 kW/h battery pack not available on XL in the UK.

ë-Dispatch is just 1.90m tall, which means it can go where many competitors cannot, such as underground car parks and shopping centres etc.

With payloads of up to 1,275 Kg* ë-Dispatch sits at the heart of its segment.                                                                                                                                                                 




Normal Payload

Increased Payload

Normal Payload

Increased Payload

Normal Payload

Increased Payload



Pack 50 kWh

1 000 kg

1 275 kg

1 000 kg

1 275 kg

1 000 kg

1 275 kg

Pack 75 kWh



1 000 kg


1 000 kg


Notes: Availability of increased payload varies depending on the country, 50 kW/h battery pack not available on XL in the UK. *Without driver, value varies according to vehicle options and equipment.

BEST IN CLASS – Towing capability up to 1 Tonne on all versions.

Load volumes are identical to the ICE versions, of between 4.6 m3 (XS without Moduwork®) and 6.6 m3 (XL with Moduwork®) are at market-leading levels.

Width between wheel-arches is 1.25m, sufficient to load European pallets.

The electric motor drives the vehicle according to the drive-mode selected, and the driving conditions. It harvests energy under braking or during deceleration.

  • Power is 100 kW (136hp) / 260 Nm torque.
  • Maximum speed is 80 mph (130 km/h) in all drive modes (Eco, Normal, Power).
  • Three-mode selector:
  • Normal – when used this optimises range and performance.
  • Eco – when selected this setting optimises energy consumption by reducing the output of the heating and air-conditioning without shutting them off completely, and by limiting motor torque and power.
  • Power – this mode delivers vehicle performance at maximum payload (MGVW) equivalent to Normal mode when unladen.

The warranty period for the battery is 8 years or 100,000 miles (up to 70% battery capacity)

The charging port is on the left-hand front wing on ë-Dispatch and charging operates when in Park mode. There are three charging modes available:

  • Home charging, requiring a mode 2 cable (for charging at home, at a place of work or in a car park).
  • Compatible with a standard domestic socket (cable available as an accessory).
  • Private or public accelerated charging, needing a ‘Wallbox’ at home and a mode 3 cable.
  • 32A cable (supplied as standard with the vehicle).
  • Charges from 0 to 100% in less than 8hours (7.4 kW Wallbox).
  • Super-fast charging at a mode 4 public charging point (cable incorporated into charger).
  • Up to 100 kW.
  • Can charge a 50 kWh battery to 80% in 30 minutes and a 75 kWh battery to 80% in 45 minutes.


Wallbox 32A monophase

Wallbox 16A triphase


Electric power

7.4 kW

11 kW

100 kW

Battery 50 kWh




Battery 75 kWh




       Note: Wallbox 16A triphase requires an 11kW on-board charger to be specified.

BEST IN CLASS – ë-Dispatch is best in its segment for rapid charging times.

Using the MyCitroën app, the user can manage the battery charging function. They are able to:

  • See the battery charging status and the operating range.
  • Control the remote cabin pre-conditioning.
  • Programme delayed charging (this can also be done from the vehicle’s touchscreen via the connected navigation in the “Energy” menu). This operation is available for home (mode 2) or accelerated (mode 3) charging. Delayed charging can be altered at any time. Once programmed, just plug the vehicle in and press the button located inside the vehicle charging port.

To make charging easier for UK customers, Citroën has entered in to a partnership with Pod Point. Pod Point supply and install accelerated charging points (Wallboxes) that allow an ë-Dispatch to charge fully in 8 hours (based on a 7.4 kW charging point). Once the customer has been referred, Pod Point will contact them and manage the process fully from booking to installation. Pod Point is the market leader in terms of volume of charging points fitted and customer satisfaction. Citroën UK customers benefit from an extended 5 year warranty on the charging points. Business and fleet customers can also arrange workplace installation with a free (virtual or physical) site survey.      Pod Point are fully approved for the Government workplace charging grant.

Everything has been designed to make the ë-Dispatch easy to operate:

  • A choice of on-board chargers available, either 7.4 kW (standard) or 11 kW (optional).
  • An ë-Toggle gearbox controller on the central console for Park, Reverse, Neutral, Drive and Brake.
  • A selector for the three drive modesEco, Normal and Power.
  • A specific instrument unit with a battery charge indicator, along with a gauge showing the electrical consumption of the on-board electric climate control equipment (heating, air-conditioning). The built-in screen shows notably the energy flow and the vehicle state of charge.
  • ë-Dispatch’s 7-inch touchscreen incorporates a completely new section in its menu. Under “Energy”, the user can access the vehicle’s specific electric powertrain features: energy flow, consumption statistics, delayed charging.
  • Energy flow shows the operation of the electric drivetrain in real time with the driving mode selected, including the battery charge level.
  • Consumption statistics, including a summary for the current journey.
  • Delayed charging.
  • Thermal pre-conditioning.

In April 2019, Citroën updated its Dispatch range. Since then, Dispatch has offered four versions, two of which are new and directly matched to the needs of two separate types of user. The Worker version is specifically designed for construction sites and the Driver version is suitable for longer journeys.

ë-Dispatch comes in three versions, as follows:

  • The lead-in X version, incorporating essential items such as an RD6 MP3 Bluetooth® Radio, electric and heated mirrors, and an electric parking brake.
  • The Enterprise version – the most flexible model at the heart of the range – includes all equipment from the X version, with the addition of rear parking sensors, air-conditioning, alarm, automatic lights and wipers, 7-inch colour touchscreen with Apple CarPlay™/Android Auto, and the brand’s Moduwork® dual passenger bench with fold-up outer seat.
  • The Driver version, made for mile-eaters, includes all equipment of the Enterprise version, plus additional front parking sensors, blind spot monitoring, a Visio Park 180° rear parking camera, 17-inch ‘Curve’ alloy wheels, Citroën Connect Navigation with voice recognition, and a Safety Pack (lane departure warning, speed limit recognition, intelligent speed adaptation, driver attention alert, smart beam headlights and Active Safety Brake).


The internal combustion powered Dispatch already sets a benchmark for comfort with its suspension tuning for an optimum ride. Dispatch also features a raised driving position for a commanding view of the road, high-level and comfortable seating, generous cabin space and an ergonomic dashboard.

An incarnation of the Citroën Advanced Comfort® programme – aimed at a wide range of business users (craftspeople, building trades, delivery companies and public authorities) – ë-Dispatch provides even greater personal comfort, driving comfort and comfort at work. It is a regular Citroën commercial vehicle, but in ë-comfort mode with the addition of various benefits.


  • Zero emissions, zero noise, zero stress: freedom from vibration and noise.
  • Driveability: with torque immediately available and no gear changes, giving great fluidity of movement.
  • Peace-of-mind in operation: with freedom of access to restricted zones that are subject to CO2 emissions limits, or Zero emission zones, allowing all professionals and/or delivery drivers to remain as close as possible to their customers.
  • Remote cabin pre-conditioning: the heating and air-conditioning system can be pre-set before getting into the vehicle. It can be programmed using the MyCitroën app on a smartphone or via the touchscreen and the Connect Nav service. The system helps with battery management by using an energy-consuming function while the vehicle is plugged in, to improve on-board comfort when getting into the vehicle. Cabin pre-conditioning is also possible if the vehicle is unplugged, provided the battery charge is above 50%.
  • No compromise on storage: which is cleverly positioned all around the cabin, so that everything is in its place and there is no need to worry. A few examples: there is a net on the console with electric parking-brake (between the driver’s and passenger’s seats), the lower glovebox is fitted with a jack-plug and 12V sockets, there is a large storage bin under the passenger’s bench-seat and there are cup-holders on the dashboard. Overall, ë-Dispatch has nearly 100 litres of storage.
  • Suspension:
  • To ensure maximum comfort, ë-Dispatch is fitted with variable-stiffness springs and load-dependent variable shock absorbers – a passive system that varies the damping according to the vehicle’s ride-height.
  • The suspension system provides ë-Dispatch with precise steering, while retaining good levels of damping. It features reinforced Pseudo McPherson struts on the front axle with anti-roll bar and an oblique wishbone type rear axle, which can carry a payload up to 1,275 Kg.

BEST IN CLASS  Moduwork® provides a feeling of being in the office. Thanks to its special partition and the modularity of the outer passenger seat in its raised position, Moduwork® extends the flat floor by a further 1.16m, giving up to four metres of useful load length. It can also transform the cabin into a true mobile office. Lowering the central armrest reveals a swivel table (depending on version), making it easy to work comfortably on paperwork or on a computer. The tablet holder (an accessory) – cleverly fixed into the upper central storage area – unfolds in front of the dashboard. It is designed for tablet formats of up to 11-inches. Power supply is via the USB port (depending on version) close by in the façade.


ë-Dispatch makes 15 useful assistance systems available to business users, for safe and stress-free driving.

  • UNIQUE in the segment – Hands-free opening. The hands-free sliding side door function (depending on version) means the side doors can be opened and closed without touching them, a genuinely unique feature in the segment. While carrying the key, simply waving a foot under the corner of the rear bumper unlocks the vehicle and the sliding door on that side opens automatically. With the same movement, the door closes and the vehicle locks on moving away from it. This function is perfect for loading and unloading operations with both hands full.
  • UNIQUE in the segment – Keyless entry and start.
  • Active Safety Brake.
  • UNIQUE in the segment – Head-up display. Allowing the driver to keep their eyes on the road whilst seeing essential driving information (speed, cruise control-speed limiter setting, navigation information and collision risk alert).
  • Hill start assist.
  • Driver attention alert.
  • Lane departure warning system.
  • Collision risk alert.
  • Visio Park 180° rear parking camera, which displays a view from above of the rear of the vehicle, and zooms in automatically when reversing for easier manoeuvring.
  • Coffee Break Alert.
  • Intelligent headlamp beam control.
  • Grip Control®.
  • Speed limit sign recognition and recommendation.
  • Cruise control-speed limiter.
  • Blind spot monitoring system.

ë-Dispatch offers three connected packages for the safety and comfort of all. These packages are part of the Citroën Advanced Comfort® programme, with the aim of making access to connected services quick and intuitive for the customer, while meeting three key requirements: optimal safety, easy navigation and an improved connected experience.

  • Connect Assist – for the safety of the driver and passengers, ë-Dispatch comes with Assistance & SOS. Automatic activation, or manual pressing of the “Assistance” button, puts the driver in contact with a dedicated call centre that can provide help when needed.

Separately, there are two possibilities in the event of an emergency:

  • In the event of an accidentwith activation of the airbags, an automatic call is made to the emergency services, informing them of the vehicle’s location.
  • In case of a minor accident, or if someone feels unwell, the driver can press the red “SOS” button to send a message to the emergency services (transmits the identification of the vehicle and its exact location).

Connect Assist can be used to connect the MyCitroën app to the vehicle in order to obtain access to vehicle data such as state of charge, range, delayed charging, thermal pre-conditioning, parking location, mileage and next service.

  • Connect Nav – ë-Dispatch makes the most of its technology with the 7-inch touchscreen incorporating all of its functions intuitively. The Connect Nav touchscreen can be controlled by voice recognition and allows interaction with the navigation, telephone and radio. It is linked with various connected services. TomTom Traffic, for example, gives real-time traffic information to identify the best route. The locations and prices of filling stations and car parks, weather information and local points-of-interest are also available. Users will also appreciate the free-of-charge availability – for three years – of visual and audible warnings of danger areas and accident black spots.
  • Connect Play – Mirror Screen, with Apple CarPlay™ and Android Auto, is available in order to connect a smartphone and project its screen onto that of the vehicle. The driver can then easily locate their multimedia content, and control their smartphone and its compatible applications, directly and easily from the touchscreen. To ensure the safety of the driver, only driving functions are available.