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New Online Bingo – Are All Bingo Sites the Same?


Aug 10, 2017 #Bingo, #Gaming, #online

Did you know that bingo is the most widely played online casino game? Yes, the online gaming world may be going crazy for casino slots right now but it is bingo that is most played. The online bingo sites haven’t lost their old school charm from the glorious 90’s. They have simply evolved into more attractive and convenient forms. In fact, bingo is one of the most popular leisure activities in the UK with about 3 million players ‘daubing’ the cards each day.

This staggering number of players turning up at new bingo sites has resulted in a flurry of new bingo operators bringing their own sites. 24×7 access and online chat rooms are some of the reasons contributing to this staggering success of online bingo. Also, bingo is comparatively cheaper to slot machines.

The uphill task of choosing one from a plethora of bingo sites

There are hundreds of exclusive bingo sites as well as online casinos offering bingo games in the online gaming market. This overwhelming number of sites leaves players with the seemingly uphill task of choosing one. If you’re asking, what’s the difference aren’t they all the same. Not exactly. These sites may offer more or less the same offers and gaming options like the bingo, keno and instant games may be a common feature.

Almost every bingo site has a socialisation element to it with the chat room feature. But that’s not all, there is more to it. Sailor Bingo brings you more information about online bingo. All sites fall under either of the two categories of network sites or standalone sites. The facilities, rooms, games, offers and competitions vary between these two categories.

Standalone bingo sites vs network sites

Today the online bingo scene may be dominated by network new online bingo sites. But when bingo forayed into the online casino scene it was standalone sites that ruled the roost. When more new online bingo operators entered the market, networks clubbed several sites sharing the same bingo rooms for a bigger pot prize. But these sites have heavy traffic and the competition is high. Standalone sites have comparatively less traffic; hence lesser competition. While standalone sites have an edge over the network sites it is important to analyse some other factors like bonuses, promotions and loyalty points.

How to choose the online bingo site that suits you

How do you choose your bingo site? Type ‘bingo’ into the search engine and register with the first site appearing on the result page? In that case, you may be missing out on some exciting deals and sites. Do a little more research on bingo related information. Reviews of bingo sites are a good place to start.

The ‘About Us’ section can give you more information about the new online bingo site and whether it is part of a network. Another way to spot network sites is by looking for the list of winners. If the same list of winners appears in one or more bingo sites, then all those sites operate under a single network. Network or standalone, both types of sites have their own advantages. Check out the game library of Sailor Bingo and it is sure to become your favourite bingo site.

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