• Thu. Jul 18th, 2024

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aaCS abmx 1NEWCASTLE TEAM … Jack Lake and Lyndsay Close who have been working on the company’s partnership with Prysmian Group

THE Newcastle office of a national light and software company have announced a major new partnership with a €12bn global leader in energy, telecom cables and systems.

amBX have worked through their Tyneside office at Hoults Yard to establish a new partnership with Prysmian Group, who employ almost 29,000 people across more than 50 countries.

Prysmian have developed Power over Ethernet (PoE) solutions to create high-performance buildings by integrating software and smart digital systems. Prysmian, working through its Draka Comteq brand in Washington, were looking for a software platform to connect to its PoE emergency lighting and also to provide control and insights via a user interface in a range of buildings,

amBX was able to provide the graphical interface and the integration for Prysmian with its protocol-agnostic software solution allowing them to sell an end-to-end solution to their customers.

Jon Couch, Chief Commercial Officer at amBX, said: “We believe that partnership and collaboration are key to achieving safe, energy-efficient buildings that successfully meet occupants’ needs. PoE is a great technology that can facilitate a plug-and-play, reliable solution that delivers actionable insights.”

Lyndsay Close, amBX’s Marketing Manger based at Hoults Yard, added: “We’re very excited to be working with Prysmian Group; our vision and values are aligned. The emergency lighting solution is the initial focus of our partnership as the two companies feel that it is a vital component that is all too often fitted and then forgotten about.

“A 2020 report from Hilclare found that 44 per cent of English firms ‘don’t have the correct’ emergency lighting, while a 2018 report found that ‘over a third’ of the country’s social housing tower blocks have inadequate emergency lighting.

“Prysmian’s high-quality PoE emergency lighting is highly cost-effective to install when compared with traditional solutions, and it offers fully auditable maintenance and compliance data. Their cable solutions and lighting hardware are unified with amBX’s software to deliver a solution up to 75 per cent quicker to commission compared with other leading solutions.

“It also improves the audit process, saves time, cost and improves safety standards. The system can automatically schedule tests and flag when there is a fault. Reports can also be quickly and easily viewed in a custom UI or exported, providing full transparency for all necessary stakeholders.

Keith Parker, Digital Building Solutions Program Director at Prysmian Group, described how the strategic alliance would benefit a range of customers, from system integrators, network infrastructure companies, lighting companies and building owners.

“Prysmian’s industry leading Category 6A cabling solutions, with PoE hardware, provide an intelligent infrastructure and is the best technology to enable smart building solutions. This, combined with amBX’s innovative software platform, creates a robust, cost-effective solution that dramatically improves sustainability, occupant safety, and operational efficiencies.”

For more on amBX, go to www.ambx.com

For more on Prysmian Group, go to www.prysmiangroup.com/en  and  https://uk.prysmiangroup.com/dbs

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