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New survey dives deeper into tech sector’s EDI behaviours

THE region’s tech network has launched a deeper dive into equality and diversity after an initial survey concluded with four key recommendations for the sector.

Dynamo launched its first equality, diversity and inclusion (EDI) survey late last year and focused on areas of behaviours, attitude, sense of belonging, mental health and training. It was complemented by interviews, podcasts and a series of interviews conducted by Dynamo’s EDI Innovation Manager, Fareeha Usman.

The results, published in Dynamo’s Initial Findings Report, produced the following recommendations:

  • The creation of a sector working group, supported by external professional advice, should devise regional guidance on diversity and inclusion for all tech SMEs;
  • The regional tech sector should collectively agree its aspirational EDI aims and key objectives for the next five years;
  • Regional tech leaders should convene a session to explore the question of culture within the sector in order to highlight potential barriers that exist and outline steps that should be taken to remove these;
  • Dynamo members and SMEs should undertake their own audits of processes and procedures and each produce a diversity action plan.

Now Dynamo has launched a second survey, called Think North East. This new survey is aimed at deepening understanding of EDI challenges within the region’s tech sector, and encouraging companies, organisations and individuals to take greater responsibility for EDI issues.

Fareeha said: “Our first phase produced some eye-opening statistics as well as our four key recommendations. It made us appreciate the need for introspection and gave us an understanding of what attitudes and beliefs could give birth to bias, racism, ignorance and injustice in our regional tech sector.

“The launch of our second phase gives us the opportunity for even greater understanding and more answers so we can innovate further around EDI issues. Our new survey is more in-depth and aims to get more answers from people at every level – from trainees to MDs and owners. The response so far has been hugely encouraging, with more than double the responses already than we had for the first survey.”

To ensure as many people and organisations as possible have an opportunity to complete the Think North East survey, it will remain open until late September. The survey can be found here … https://tinyurl.com/ThinkNorthEastsurvey or through the Dynamo North East website … http://www.dynamonortheast.co.uk

Fareeha added: “As the North East’s tech network, Dynamo wants to play our part in diversifying the regional sector. We realise we need to do more to ensure we represent our diverse society and support the region’s SMEs and wider tech community to do the same.

“Think North East will help us do this and we urge companies and individuals to complete the survey so we can get a more accurate picture of exactly where we are now in terms of EDI issues.

“We hope in completing the survey people will question any prejudices they may have, so as well as providing us with data and information, they could be learning and developing too.”

Survey questions are themed around: equality, diversity, inclusion, racial justice, engagement, harassment and discrimination, mental health, evaluation, promotion and challenging personal bias.

Dynamo members can request a copy of the initial research findings by emailing http://info@dynamonortheast.co.uk.

Dynamo North East is a business-led organisation with the core mission of ‘Growing the north east tech economy through collaboration, innovation, skills and noise.’ With more than 160 members, it is made up of IT organisations, large corporate employers in the region, consultants, technology hubs, education providers, local government and suppliers to the industry.

Dynamo is part funded by the ERDF as part of the Catalysing Innovation 2021-23 in North East Clusters project, delivered by the Innovation SuperNetwork.

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