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UK Takes Bronze In The Inaugural Digital Olympics

  • The Digital Olympics come to a close to determining which countries are leading the way in investing in a digital future
  • Countries competed across three events, with USA being named the overall winner and UK taking third place

The Tokyo 2020 games came to a close this weekend with the UK bringing home an impressive 65 medals making it the second-best overseas Olympics behind Rio 2016 and finishing in fourth place on the overall medal table for the games.

And with the end of the Olympic games came the closing of the inaugural Digital Olympics, launched by search and digital marketing agency Click Consult to determine which countries are leading the way in investing in a digital future.

The UK fared a little better in the digital games, finishing in third place overall behind the USA and China who took first and second place respectively.

The digital games, which ran concurrently with Tokyo 2020, saw countries around the world competing across three events; Digital Businesses, Digital Population and Investing In Digital Tech.

The first event used the Forbes ‘Top 100 Digital Companies’ list to determine which country is leading the way in producing some of the best performing digital technology businesses.

The USA won gold, with 39 of the top 100 businesses having their main headquarters based there. Silver went to Japan with an impressive 13 businesses and China took the bronze being home to nine.

The Digital Population event looked at the digital activity of the population in countries across the world. With nations being ranked against the percentage of their population that has access to the internet, how much money they spend when surfing the web and even how many hours they spend on social media.

The UK took an early lead in this event with an impressive 95% of the population having access to the internet ahead of the USA. However when it came to spending on the internet the UK came in third behind both the US and China.

The event came down to which countries spend the most time on social media, which interestingly saw all three of the top contenders fail to win a medal with the Philippines, Nigeria and India taking the top three spots.

When Click Consult compared the scores across all three parts of the second event the final scores saw USA win gold, with the UK and China taking silver and bronze respectively. As part of the second event Click Consult also looked at the most popular search engines and social media platforms around the world and their founding countries.

The final event in the digital games saw the world’s nations ranked against their performance and investment in four key areas; AI, Cybersecurity, Digital Progress and Cryptocurrency. Once again the overall winner for the event was the USA, with second place going to Singapore and third to China.

The full breakdown of scoring across the four areas can be viewed here.

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