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New venture says its farewells to traditional funeral services

Press shotA North East, family-run funeral business has launched a new venture which offers an alternative to the traditional hearse.

Darlington based Whitehouse Funeral Service, which recently expanded into Newton Aycliffe, has launched a unique business, Retro Farewells.

Retro Farewells provides alternative transportation in the form of a classic1979 VW camper van, aptly named Casper. The iconic van, which has been lovingly converted for appropriate use, has already received amazing feedback from its services.

John Whitehouse, owner and director of both Retro Farewells and Whitehouse Funeral Service, which continues to cater for more traditional funerals with its traditional hearse and limousines, said: “It’s a really exciting time for us right now.

“With Retro Farewells, it’s fantastic to be the only business in the North East to provide such a unique service, yet with Whitehouse Funeral Service we’re still able to continue offering traditional services which we also love – we get the best of both worlds.”

After lots of eager enquires from funeral attendees, the endearing business is on the right track for expansion, John said: “Our services are going from strength to strength and so is our team. Our Aycliffe branch is doing exceptionally well and I’m eager to open further branches in the surrounding areas which Casper will be a part of too.”

Casper, which is available to all funeral companies, from large nationals to small independents, will soon not be the only retro van to choose from as Retro Farewells has plans to add more classic cars, and with that, drivers.

The nostalgic company is currently being sustained by Whitehouse Funeral Service’s team which includes John’s mother and father.

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