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Nicotine Pouches – The First Step in Quitting Smoking?

The reason cigarettes are so hard to give up is down to the nicotine. This is the substance that keeps you sparking up one after the other. Once you start to enjoy smoking, you start not only to fill your bloodstream with nicotine but toxins your body could do without. Smoking has been cited as causing a range of life-threatening diseases, including lung cancer. Throw in the respiratory illness Covid-19, and you have some very good reasons to start on the road to giving up smoking.

Nicotine Pouches

Although you ingest nicotine with nicotine pods, you are not taking in the toxins that come with smoking. Every time you puff on a cigarette, you are taking in around 7000 chemicals at least 69 of which cause cancer.

Nicotine pouches, sometimes referred to as nicotine pods, do not contain tobacco leaf or stem. It is considered less harmful than smoking in Sweden, where half of nicotine pouch users, or snus users, are ex-smokers.

Smoking Illnesses

As well as various cancers, smoking has been linked to the following illnesses:

This is just a snapshot of what the toxins do during pregnancy.

Giving Up

Although with a nicotine pouch you are still getting receiving the most addictive substance, nicotine, you are still reducing the toxins that enter your body. You may not want to give up smoking but are worried about the risks it carries, and who can blame you for that?

As such, whether you want to kick the habit or simply reduce toxins, nicotine pods may offer a solution.

More Social

Nicotine pods are more social than cigarettes. As they are taken orally and come in a range of flavours, you do not get smokers breath, and the smell is not left on your clothes. There should be no issues taking a pod at work or in a social gathering.

If you have found it too difficult to give up smoking, pouches and pods may be a good halfway house. You can avoid many toxins but can savour the nicotine that gives the pleasurable aspect of smoking.

You may want to talk to your doctor and ensure any purchase is made from credible brands.

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