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North Tyneside Council: Local Election results 2019

Battle Hill

Candidate Party Vote
Julie Elizabeth Cruddas Labour Party 1,396
Maureen Jeffrey Conservative Party 386
Gary Mark Turnbull UKIP 618

Turnout: 30.6%


Candidate Party Vote
Janet Hunter Labour Party 1,872
Maureen Gallon UKIP 402
David Wallace Lilly Conservative Party 675

Turnout: 38.6%


Candidate Party Vote
Raymond Glindon Labour Party 1,281
Ryan Robert Overton UKIP 485
Christopher Fox Conservative Party 388

Turnout: 27.5%


Candidate Party Vote
Stephen Patrick Bones Conservative Party 299
Norman Alan Percy Labour Party 1,055
Mick Terril UKIP 688

Turnout: 26.7%


Candidate Party Vote
Martin Rankin Labour Party 1,138
Robert James White Conservative Party 766
Jane McEachan UKIP 637

Turnout: 30.7%


Candidate Party Vote
Ken Barrie Conservative Party 1,422
Pamela Ann Hood UKIP 366
Bob Jeffrey Labour Party 1,146
John Graham Morley The Green Party 395

Turnout: 45.3%


Candidate Party Vote
Liam Adam Bones Conservative Party 206
John Lawrence Langford Harrison Labour Party 1,266
Neil Mather UKIP 652

Turnout: 27.6%


Candidate Party Vote
Christopher Johnston Conservative Party 708
Brian Needham UKIP 546
Erin Louise Parker-Leonard Labour 1,356

Turnout: 31.8%


Candidate Party Vote
Jack Bell Conservative Party 379
Connor Geno Cervantes UKIP 381
Karen Anne Clark Labour Party 1,520

Turnout: 28.9%

Monkseaton North

Candidate Party Vote
Lewis James Austin Conservative Party 1,296
Stephen Borlos UKIP 191
David Nisbet Liberal Democrat 252
Paul Charles William Richardson Labour Party 1,398
Simon Roffe Green Party 283

Turnout: 49.6%

Monkseaton South

Candidate Party Vote
Frank Stephen Austin Conservative Party 1,052
Jack Henry Cervantes UKIP 244
David Thomas Drummond Labour Party 1,469
Michael Andrew Newton Green Party 267
George Mann Partis Independent 296

Turnout: 44.7%


Candidate Party Vote
Fearghall Ambrose Namgyal Allonby UKIP 532
Andrew Sean Newman Labour Party 1,062
David Alan Sarin Conservative Party 350

Turnout: 28.6%


Candidate Party Vote
Sue Rodgerson Conservative Party 872
Sylvia Marie Simpson UKIP 410
Matt Wilson Labour and Co-operative Party 1,242

Turnout: 39%


Candidate Party Vote
Wendy Lott Labour Party 982
Stephen Thomas Lowrey Conservative Party 261
Nick Martin Green Party 274
Phyliss Eleanor Masters UKIP 544

Turnout: 25.9%

St Mary’s

Candidate Party Vote
Janet Elizabeth Appleby Liberal Democrat 437
William Hugh Jackson UKIP 326
Leslie John Miller Conservative Party 1,774
Martin Murphy Labour Party 874

Turnout: 49.2%


Candidate Party Vote
Lewis Carlo Bartoli Conservative Party 1,674
Karen Louise Bolger Labour Party 1,452
Henry Marshall UKIP 301
Alan Steele Green Party 469

Turnout: 48.3%


Candidate Party Vote
Carole Burdis Labour Party 1,394
Jim Davey UKIP 478
Steven John Leyland Green Party 242
Miriam Smith Conservative Party 462

Turnout: 27.8%


Candidate Party Vote
Glynis Barrie Conservative Party 276
Tony Kearney UKIP 384
Matthew Brian Thirlaway Labour Party 1,195
Martin William Collins Green Party 275

Turnout: 28.6%


Candidate Party Vote
Irene Winifred Davidson UKIP 527
Muriel Anne Green Labour Party 1,514
Barbara Ellen Stevens Conservative Party 680

Turnout: 34.8%

Whitley Bay

Candidate Party Vote
Chris Brown Conservative Party 558
David Cory UKIP 211
John O’Shea Labour Party 1,591
Sophie Joanna Reid-McGlinn Green Party 403
Darryl George Roe Liberal Democrat 200

Turnout: 42%

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