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Now is the Time to Start Planning Your Company’s Christmas Party

Christmas may still be months away, but as far as planning part of your office’s Christmas party is concerned, now is the perfect time to start. It is understandable if this seems too early right now but go through the following points to know why starting early is actually a good idea.

Wider Choice of Venues

The closer it gets to Christmas, the shorter your choice of venues will become, as is always the situation around the festive season because everyone needs a place to host their own party. The unavailability of appropriate venues may lead to disappointing cutbacks on the planned activities, or even cancellation of the Christmas party altogether.

The Date You Want

Even if you manage to get the venue you want, there’s no point having a Christmas party on the 26th of December! Planning ahead and early makes sure that you are able to not only book the right venue for the party, but also on the right date.

The Right Party

Unless you really have the time and the experience to manage an entire Christmas party for the office on your own, you will of course need to go with an event management company. However, the catch here is that Christmas party ideas and events from the top event management companies usually get booked to full capacity way before December. Given that a simple phone call and booking confirmation can basically take care of everything related to arranging the party, that’s one more reason to book early.

Wider Entertainment Options

Christmas is generally the time during which the bands, DJs, comedians and other entertainers are at their busiest, therefore, just like everything else we have discussed so far, it is necessary to book the entertainment as early as possible.

Saving Money

It’s a universal fact that everything costs more when you book it at the last minute and similarly, discounts are common when you book things early. The same applies for the events, venues, parties, clubs, entertainers, transport, etc. as well. So, the sooner you plan and book the party, the easier it will be to fit all expenses into the budget, without having to compensate on the quality of the party.

Bigger Attendance

There is no point in planning for a big event with huge expectations, unless you have confirmation that a large chunk of your guests will actually show up at the Christmas party. Sending out invitations early with a RSVP request ensures that people get enough time to add the office party to their schedule, while giving you a rough idea of how many people will likely show up. If the turn-up seems small, you will also have the time to easily reshuffle things down to a more appropriate scale, or vice-versa.

Popular Opinion

When you have enough time on your hands, there is also the opportunity to organise the office party as per the popular opinion. Simply ask the employees what they want or create a poll with viable options. If you go with the popular opinion, chances are that more people would show up at the party because they will feel like they had a part in deciding the event.

Peace of Mind

The final advantage of planning a Christmas party in summer is the peace of mind it brings to the people in charge. If you leave everything for the last minute, managing everything, along with fitting it into a set budget will feel like more work than it should be.

As a rule of thumb, it never hurts to have more time for preparation. There isn’t anything to lose from booking an office Christmas party early, but there’s certainly a lot to gain from it.

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