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Online Poker vs. Live Poker: Which Is Better?

An increasing number of poker players worldwide are switching their traditional mindsets and embracing newly-fangled ways to enjoy their favorite game. The hype was first felt by chess players, who made the rapid switch to online resources preaching the Internet’s efficacy in gaming. A few years back, so-called live poker players looked down upon people who played casino online poker. They attributed all professionalism to the social aspect of the game. Still, recently, we can see a noticeable contrast between live and online poker, prompting more players to opt for virtual tables.

The most significant contributing factor is attributed to various advancements in the technological arena. The Internet is revolutionizing how the masses choose to spend their free time. Playing poker online is steadily turning into a favorite pastime for newbies, and expert players are forgoing live games in brick and mortar casinos. But does online poker measure up to the traditional live casino poker games? In this article, we explore the various aspects that set the two apart to understand the reason behind the growing popularity of online poker.

Why The Preference For Online Poker

Unlike live poker, you do not have to travel a certain distance to play. All you require is stable Internet connectivity and a smart device like a mobile phone, IPad, or laptop. No need to make reservations, adhere to strict dress codes, and follow austere rules prevalent in land-based casinos. You can play online poker while in bed, on your way to work, or even during your lunch break. Moreover, there are apps you can download that are affiliated with notable poker websites. You can enjoy a poker game or tournament at any time and from anywhere.

Live poker is considerably slower compared to online poker due to several variables. The dealer has to shuffle, deal cards, distribute pots, or collect chips as the game progresses. Players on the table also take time studying their opponents, engaging in small talk, and making decisions, which consumes even more minutes and drags the game. All these are eliminated in online poker leading to an increased pace and a more enjoyable gaming experience.

Besides having higher win rates, online poker sites offer incentives to attract more players and retain existing members. Take advantage of the tons of bonuses, Rakeback deals, and numerous promotions available on Internet-based poker sites. The majority will even have a sign-up bonus or a reward for long-term players. In contrast to live poker rooms, virtual poker games hosted on sites like newgioco have more added value.

Moving From Live Poker To Online Poker: What To Expect

Are you planning to make the transition from live poker games to online-based ones? As aptly mentioned above, there are significant differences between the two; thus, you ought to be prepared to adjust to the subtle intricacies involved. The game’s basic rules remain the same, and winnings are determined by the best five-card hand combination. However, there are a few variations you may have to acclimate to.

The foremost (and most significant) change is that you avoid visiting a brick and mortar casino. You can download an app or open your browser to place wages and join a team. Once online, you will notice that the games are way much faster compared to live poker. Dealing is automated, the stack sizes are shallower, and the pots are instantaneous, which improves the game’s pace. One can play more hands in a few hours, the equivalent of a week’s live play.

However, the players are more challenging. The social aspect is eliminated, and both you and your opponents face fewer distractions leaving room for serious players who are motivated hence more aggressive. This is usually the most difficult adjustment for players used to live poker. A vital aspect is that you can take advantage of multiple casino online deals like bonuses, Rakeback deals, and various promotions that are generally unavailable at venues of live poker.

Final Word

Poker still follows the same rules whether you play online or visit a land-based casino for a live tournament. A straight remains submissive to a flush, opponents are prone to taunting each other, and the thrill of the game is the same (to some extent). But the notable differences highlighted above should be adequate to propel online poker in favor of live poker. Try a virtual hand today on gaming sites like newgioco to determine if playing online will add a little extra to your overall poker experience.

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