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Our Guide To The Luxury Features You Can Find On The World’s Most Decadent Superyachts

Over recent years superyachts have risen in popularity, and today chartering one of these superb vessels is considered a mark of prestige.

As a result of this growth in popularity, there are now a myriad of different manufacturers creating phenomenal vessels, giving buyers and charter customers immense choice.

To help anyone seeking the perfect superyacht for their break, here’s a list of some of the indulgent features you can find on these magnificent creations.


Most superyachts have stunningly designed master and guest bedrooms, meaning that you and your loved ones can sleep soundly when onboard. For those looking for a little more luxury and decadence, some vessels, such as the luxury boats for sale on Boats For Sale, even have Jacuzzis for you to relax and unwind in. Boats For Sale’s innovative platform has a range of sumptuous vessels for you to choose from, meaning you’ll be spoilt for choice. Even the most discerning of customers will be able to find the superyacht that suits they’re needs. If you’re planning on buying one outright for a specific voyage or just for cruising the world at your leisure, check out the platform’s selection to find the boat that will give you many years of comfort and luxury.


Health and wellbeing are a key focus for today’s travellers, meaning that saunas have become a popular addition to superyachts. A specialist piece of equipment, saunas are often housed in their own dedicated cabin onboard superyachts. Some more decedent vessels even have them in bathrooms attached the master suite, alongside the boat’s Jacuzzi. This exceptional level of luxury means that guests will feel like they’re staying in a high-end hotel, rather than onboard a superyacht travelling across the oceans.

Sports Courts

Sailing the open seas means that you won’t be able to reach land quickly, so if you fancy a game or a kick about then you can with your own sports facilities on your superyacht. Depending on the vessel you choose, you can play anything from tennis to basketball, or even golf. These aren’t your average courses either; they’ve been specifically designed to give you an authentic sporting experience even as your sailing around the world.

Staff Quarters

No superyacht experience would be complete without a team of dedicated staff who can organise every detail of the excursion and make sure your trip is a true success. Alongside the boat’s captain, there should also be space for a variety of serving staff, so that you and your travelling companions don’t have to lift a finger throughout your voyage.

Swimming Pools

Being onboard a superyacht means that you’re surrounded by water, but not everyone is comfortable swimming in open water. If taking a dip in the sea isn’t for you, then consider chartering or purchasing a superyacht with a swimming pool. These luxurious vessels often also boast spa-like facilities, meaning that you can rejuvenate and pamper yourself in the privacy of your own yacht.

A Helicopter Landing Pad

Travelling by superyacht is a sign of taste and class, and as such many who have access to one also use other luxury modes of transport, such as helicopters. Helicopters can’t land without a dedicated pad, so if you want to take your helicopter out to your boat then make sure it has a landing pad ready and waiting. These expansive landing pads act as a symbol of taste and sophistication, proving that you have exceptional style and class.

Garages For Water Sports Equipment

When you’re out on the open ocean, you might want to make the most of your time and indulge in your favourite water activities. As such, superyacht makers are adding garages to their vessels so that you can store everything from surfboards to jet skis, meaning that you’ll be able to house your gear safely and securely when onboard your luxury yacht.


Having an onboard gym is a common feature of superyachts, particularly larger vessels that are designed to sail for many weeks. Illustrious travellers need to look their best at all times, so they will enjoy the chance to work out in their very own onboard gym away from prying eyes.


Being onboard a superyacht might not be the most likely place that you’d expect to find a resplendent garden, but many of these majestic boats now boast vibrant gardens filled with lush foliage and fresh flowers. Gardens on superyachts are a sign of sophistication and good taste, so try to find a vessel that has the facilities to create a unique indoor garden for you to enjoy.

Selecting your perfect superyacht can be a challenge because there’s so much choice, so use this list to review the options you have available to you and narrow down your list of the amenities and facilities you need for an indulgent, relaxing experience on the open water.

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