• Britain’s leading vans website is redeveloped and becomes known as Parkers Vans and Pickups
  • Editor CJ Hubbard heads up the new and responsive site that offers more buying and running advice than ever
  • Nearly a million page views per month, 1.8m users and 10.7m page views in 2017 – and growing fast…
  • https://www.parkers.co.uk/vans-pickups/

Parkers Vans and Pickups is the new name for Parkers Vans and launches today on a brand-new web platform designed to work seamlessly on all connected devices. The relaunched site gains a host of new and updated reviews, features and advice pages to make it the most complete resource for anyone looking to buy, sell or run a van or pickup truck.

The commercial vehicle market has never been more important, with a growing number of private users buying vans and pickups to meet the needs of their active lifestyles. The technology underpinning the Parkers Vans and Pickups site is designed to make researching commercial vehicle purchases easier, with better search visibility and improved site navigation.

You’ll still find the same great content and advice on our pages, but the background technology means we’ll be there with you at every stage of your van or pickup purchase. Parkers Vans and Pickups aims to provide the best service for everyone by offering a huge number of van and pickup reviews, news, advice, valuations, vans for sale and insurance.

Reviews have been updated to be simpler to use. They are as comprehensive as you’ve come to expect from a Parkers product, but thanks to the redesign, getting those all-important specs, dimensions and payloads is more straightforward, thanks to being integrated into the main review.

The most important change is that Parkers Vans and Pickups has migrated to the same platform as the Parkers.co.ukwebsite. It’s fully optimised to work on every device – so whether you’re reading on your desktop, tablet or smartphone, you should get the same simple user experience. Text, images and buttons all resize for the relevant screen size, making it easier to read van and pickup reviews, news and advice on any device, wherever you are.

So, whether you’re needing help in your lunch break, or a van valuation on a dealer forecourt, you’ll know you can rely on Parkers Vans and Pickups to be there, 24/7.

The site relaunch has been masterminded by editor CJ Hubbard, who calls on almost a decade’s experience in the front-line automotive sector, having held high-profile positions on CAR magazine and the Motoring Research agency.

Parkers editor Keith Adams said: ‘CJ has done a monumental job in relaunching Parkers Vans and Pickups, and this work brings this important site in line with the rest of Parkers. We’re expecting a bright future, and lots of growth in an area where we’re already established as a trusted and reliable provider of reviews, specs, data and vans for sale.’

Digital editorial director Tim Pollard added: ‘Sales of vans and pickups in the UK remain at record highs: with 145,514 registrations so far this year, demand is 35% higher than five years ago. The Parkers strategic roadmap had to address this growth in commercial vehicles, as Britain becomes a nation dependent on vans and pickups for online shopping deliveries, small businesses and leisure users.’