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Pets Perfect for Condo Living

What are good condo pets?

Nowadays, condo living is becoming more popular especially to millennials due to their accessibility to prime locations and various amenities these properties offer. However, living inside a condominium might get a bit lonesome, especially if you are alone. You’ll open your doors into silence and emptiness after a long day or work or school.

Think you might need a bit of company? Why not try getting (or raising) a pet inside your haven? But before you go looking for a new furbaby, make sure to go over your building’s rules and regulations first if they allow such thing. If they do, then you’re good to go!

Take a look at this list of pets perfect for your condo!


They won’t be called ‘man’s best friend’ for no reason. For centuries, people have been domesticating dogs for various reasons and purposes. From hunting companions, these cute balls of sunshine have transitioned into one of our favorite house pets. I mean, who wouldn’t want this furry chaos inside their homes?

Choosing the right breed is one of the keys if you opted to go for a dog as your condo companion. They do well in small spaces and basically, you already know the ABCs of taking care of them. Don’t worry if you want larger breeds such as Golden Retriever or a Rottweiler—as long as you can provide them the environmental enrichment and exercise like taking walks and bringing them to dog parks, then you shouldn’t feel daunted in getting one! There’s also the option of a smaller version of the breed, such as the Pocket American Bully.

Smaller breeds like pugs and Yorkshire terriers could be a great addition to your space, too. They can easily adapt to the new environment and lifestyle you have. What’s more is that you can dress them up in those cute or funky clothes!

Remember, whatever the breed or size of your dog is, you’ll need to let them out for a least six hours a day to let them relieve.


Like dogs, cats are also perfect pets for small living spaces like that of a condo. They usually spend most of the day curled up and sleeping in their favorite spot. They are also more of an indoor pet, so you don’t have to worry about taking them out for walks unlike dogs—but a bit of outdoor adventure can hurt right?

Just watch out for their fur sticking into your couch, pillows, or carpets. And as we all know cats, they have a reputation of knocking things off shelves, tables, and countertops so you’d have to take note of that as well! It’s best to provide them with a window perch, a cat tree, or shelves to keep then entertained when you’re out for work or school!


Who wouldn’t love these colorful, feathery creatures which casually chirps, sings, and sometimes will mimic your voice—you know them parrots and parakeets!

In choosing birds as your condo pet, you have to take note that some parrot breeds can get sad if their owner is away for too long. This anxiousness may result in them screaming their lungs out and thus may destroy your good relationship with your neighbor. Finches and canaries are great breeds to take care indoors as they don’t require much upkeep and don’t make such excessive noise.


I’m certain everyone who watched Finding Nemo dreamed of having Nemo—or clown fish—as a pet. I mean, who wouldn’t love to see these colorful creatures swim around in their bowls and aquariums?

Another great thing about fishes is that they don’t make such loud noises like birds and they don’t need to be taken out for walks like dogs. You’ll just have to feed them on time, clean their tanks, and some decorations in their artificial home and they’ll swim happily all day!


For those who want to have exotic animals as their condo pet, then say no more! Your long, hissing friend is waiting for you! Just make sure you have all the proper permits and documentation in order for you to take care of one!

Smaller snake breeds like corn snakes don’t require large tanks as their habitats. However, if you prefer taking care of pythons or boas, then you’ll likely have to invest in large tanks and containers as ball pythons can grow up to 5 feet long!

Also, you need to take notes that these animals eat live prey. So, aside from snakes, you have to be comfortable in keeping rats, mice, or crickets inside your condo.


Lizards, particularly Tuatara Lizards, are said to be direct descendants of dinosaurs that once roamed and ruled the Earth a million years ago. Like snakes, they don’t require much human interaction and can fit inside small to medium-sized tanks. They also don’t suffer from separation anxiety if there owner is away for too long. Take note that some lizard species are considered to be vulnerable or close to extinction so make sure to get the proper permit and documentation before getting one.

Frogs and Toads

We’re done with reptiles so let’s head on to amphibians!

A lot of people are grossed out just by seeing toads and frogs but set the judgments aside as they can be great indoor pets, too! They don’t require a lot of space—just a tank of about 10-20 gallons depending on breed type. Frogs are so low maintenance they only feed 2-3 days per week. We all know frogs love to sing, and surprisingly they are mostly the males one but not loud enough to disturb your neighbors.


Ferrets are cute, playful, and sociable creatures that will surely bring joy and happiness inside your condo! Since they are basically balls of fur filled with energy-drinks, you will need to find a cage large enough for them to play around while you’re at work or in school. What’s also good is that can be littered-train so you don’t have to worry about their poos scattered around.

Guinea Pigs

Guinea pigs are sociable creatures, so if you decided to choose them as your condo pet, make sure to get at least a pair to prevent them from feeling alone and lonely. These cute creatures love to cuddle, so make sure to get your daily those of hug from them!

Although they have specific diet requirement, they are very easy to take care of in general. As for their cages, they are the type not to climb that much so a cage of about 18 inches will be good enough. Make sure to let them out and roam around your condo once in a while.


If you are the night-owl type and want somebody to accompany you binge watching (and eating) until the wee hours of the morning then a chinchilla will be your best buddy! These nocturnal creatures love to cuddle and can be easily trained. They are also odor-free and can be kept in cages at least 2 by 2 feet.

Having a companion inside your condo doesn’t automatically mean that you need to find a human roommate. With this list of condo-friendly pets, I hope that you’ve found your soon-to-be best friend! On the other hand, if you’re looking for a condominium unit to settle down into, then I have good news for you as well!