Cygnet Family Law is leading the charge to encourage local businesses to support the Children’s Services Department at Redcar and Cleveland Borough Council by providing essential protective equipment during the coronavirus crisis.

The firm, which has a long relationship working with Redcar Children’s Services, was made aware that frontline staff working to protect children and support families had limited safety equipment and were waiting on supplies and government support.

The team at Cygnet Law launched a collection amongst themselves and local organisations and, within a week, were able to donate 200 masks personally, hand sanitiser from Redcar and Cleveland Mind, latex gloves from Hartgroves Removals and Storage and 20 masks from Fabulashhhh.

Stacey Phoenix, a director and solicitor at Cygent Law, said: “The coronavirus crisis is affecting us all, but none more so than the key workers who are out there on the frontline helping others, just like the team at Redcar Children’s Services.

“The government is doing everything it can to provide the relevant protective equipment to all services that need it, but we were fortunate enough to be in a position where we could offer some support until those resources arrive.

“Being part of the Redcar community is important to the whole team here at Cygnet Law and we want to encourage other residents and businesses to support our local heroes if they can.”

A team member from the Children’s Services Department at Redcar and Cleveland Borough Council said: “On a recent emergency visit the gloves and masks made all the difference entering a home where we didn’t know if we would be at risk of COVID-19. Police officers also attending didn’t have safety equipment and we were able to share the things that were donated.”

Further donations can be made by visiting Redcar Children’s Services at Seafield House, Redcar or arranged by emailing