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Refurbished Laptops: What You Need To Know Before Buying One

If you are considering setting up your small business on a budget and you need to purchase computers, or you need a laptop for personal use, buying refurbished laptops might be your best option. There are some misconceptions about refurbished laptops, but the advantages of buying refurbished laptops far outweigh the disadvantages.

Whether you are buying refurbished laptops for your small business or for personal use, your intention is most likely motivated by saving cost. You do not need to save up to buy a new one when you can purchase a previously released model with similar specs to a newly released model. This is in no way making a case for why refurbished laptops are better than new ones, in fact, if you can afford a new computer you should go ahead and purchase it. This article is for those who are looking for alternatives to purchasing new computers for various reasons.

If you are torn between buying a new laptopand a refurbished one, here are some things that you need to know.

Refurbished laptops are like new

If you are buying from a trusted retailer or directly from the manufacturer, refurbished laptops are usually packaged like new ones, but they come with a shorter warranty. This is because they have gone through several repairs and part replacements and certified working. You should ask questions when purchasing refurbished laptops.

They are cheaper

Yes, price is the number one motivation that drives many small businesses and users to purchase refurbished laptops. It makes a lot of sense since you are buying for half the price of the new one. You also get to save cost and invest in other important aspects of your business.

They are as good as the new ones

Refurbished laptops perform just as good as new computers. If you purchase from a reliable retailer such as mynextbox.com or directly from the manufacturer, then you can be assured of a quality computer. New laptops may have newer features, but are usually similar to the previously released model, and will perform similarly. So, it is worth it!

Great for the environment

If you are conscious about the environment, then purchasing refurbished laptops might be a good way to contribute to a cleaner environment. Buying refurbished reduces waste. You ever wonder where all those used devices and electronics end up? Probably on landfills where they eventually become pollutants. Purchasing refurbished equipment can slow down the rate at which plastic waste is generated, which is a win for the environment.

No contracts

Since refurbished laptops are cheaper, you do not need to sign up for long contracts. New devices come with long-term contracts for software updates, which require continuous payments over time. However, refurbished laptops do not come with the burden of contracts as the previous user must have paid for all the necessary software updates. It is usually a one-time payment deal.


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