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Renowned Menopause Doctor Reveals 10 Top Tips To Cope With Menopause Symptoms During a Heatwave

Renowned Menopause Doctor Reveals 10 Top Tips To Cope With Menopause Symptoms During a Heatwave

Warnings of a 10 day heatwave have been issued across the nation, with The MET office predicting temperatures are set to reach over 37 degrees in some parts of the UK this weekend. This fresh heatwave comes just weeks after the record-breaking one in July. Extreme temperatures are a struggle for most, but if you’re a menopausal women, the heat can become almost unbearable.

Menopausal women are one of the fastest growing demographics with an estimated 5.1 million women in the UK going through the menopause right now. Dr.Ella Russell from West Yorkshire medical clinic Evolve Medical says “hot flushes can for many women, be the most irritating and distressing symptom of the peri menopause and menopause but they can become unbearable during the summer months and especially during extreme temperatures.”

Dr.Russell is a renowned menopause expert and is committed to helping the menopausal community get the support they need during this time. She’s sharing her top 10 tips for coping with extreme heat whilst suffering menopause symptoms. 

  1. Stay out of direct sun 

Stay out of the direct sun by sitting inside or in the shade. If you need to walk around, wear a hat, protect your eyes with proper sunglasses and don’t forget that all important high sun factor. 

Rachel Green, Nursing Director, at Evolve Medical, adds “most sun protection products will gradually break down and become ineffective after around 2-3 hours of direct sun exposure, so if outside, it is important to re-apply every couple of hours especially during extreme temperatures.”

2. Stay well hydrated 

It’s important to stay well hydrated throughout the menopause as hot flushes and night sweats can lead to a higher risk of dehydration. During a heatwave, it’s so important to drink plenty of cold water and natural fruit juices throughout the day. You should also avoid hot drinks and caffeine when it’s extremely hot. 

3. Avoid consuming things that could trigger a hot flush 

Alcohol, spicy foods and smoking can all trigger hot flushes so avoid consuming these when you can, especially when temperatures are high. 

4. Put a bowl of ice water in front of your fan 

A fan or air conditioning unit is one of the best investments you can make in midlife. My top tip is to place a bowl of ice in the airflow, this can help create a cold vapour which can help some women cool down more effectively. 

5. Choose your clothing carefully

Feeling hot and restricted in clothing is never good on the best of days, never mind when we’re struck with 30 degree heat. Make sure to wear cool cotton clothing and avoid tight fitting garments when possible. 

6. Cold showers 

Daily cold showers and baths will not only drastically cool you down but they have also been shown to be of benefit physically and mentally ranging from calming itchy, hot skin, reducing anxiety and can even help with weight loss!

7. Sleep on cooling matts or freeze your hot water bottles 

Sleeping on cold gel bed mats or pillows can help improve night time sweats, a frozen hot water bottle to put under your feet can be just as good though.

8. Be mindful 

Mindfulness and yoga has been proven to help manage many peri menopausal and menopausal symptoms. The practice can also aid sleep and reduce the severity of flushes. 

9. Be kind to yourself

If you can, avoid housework, cooking and gardening, don’t exercise during the day, take a mid afternoon nap or take yourself off for a swim to help cool down and relax. 

10. HRT to manage long term symptoms

Finally, consider HRT to help manage your symptoms. Hot flushes are one of the first symptoms to improve with the right HRT and remember, for most women it is safe, very effective and will protect your long term health too.

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