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Replacing Your Auto Glass Windshield The Right Way

ByDave Stopher

Aug 5, 2019

Most times, car owners opt for low priced options when faced with the need to replace their auto glass windshield. Experts at Glass.net, however, note that going for cheaper option always comes with its own baggage. In most cases, any company offering significantly cheaper windshield replacement services is likely doing things the wrong way. These companies could be using cheaper glasses, cheaper adhesives and any cheap alternative materials they can find in the market. Sure, this may significantly reduce the amount you pay for their services, but you’ll end up paying significantly more in the long run. If you choose to take the cheapest route, such a decision could eventually cost you your life in the event of a serious accident.

A wrongly installed auto windshield is more dangerous than it seems. Instead of serving as a safety measure – something it was originally designed for – bad windshields could instead exacerbate the problem when an accident happens. Loosely fitted glass windshield could pop out during an accident, allowing the roof to easily cave in and crush the car’s occupants. Also, the front airbags of your car could deploy during an accident, exerting a tremendous amount of force on the windshield and will easily blow out one that is loosely fitted. There are many ways an incorrectly installed auto windshield could cause problems, so it’s extremely important to ensure that if you have to get a glass windshield replacement, it definitely has to be done the right way through an expert windscreen replacment Sydney company.

But What Exactly Is The Right Way Of Replacing Your Auto Glass Windshield?

It all starts with hiring the right glass windshield replacement company. However, it doesn’t just stop there, you’ll also need to ensure that the right windshield is used and that the best quality adhesives are used during installations. The material that is used to hold your windshield in place is extremely very important. The problem of a loosely fitted windscreen most of the time arises from using weak adhesives. Weak adhesives may be hard to recognize after installations because they appear rock solid at least during the first few weeks. Always make some research and be Inquisitive, ensure that your glass windshield replacement company is using the same adhesives as the car manufacturers used themselves. Anything weaker than this is almost certainly rigged to fail. In most cases, the urethane that should be used should have at least a PSI of 1,000. Urethane of this quality has what it takes to hold your auto glass firmly in place even during an intense collision. Lower quality urethane doesn’t have the chemical makeup needed to hold up over time. It subtly but gradually breaks down over time leading to a loosely fitted windshield. A huge percentage of fatalities during accidents is as a result of car occupants being ejected after the windshield pops out.

Similarly, you should also endeavor to buy the highest quality windshield. Never settle for anything less than the best quality; lower quality could be a recipe for disaster. There are probably different ways to get hold of a new glass windshield, different manufacturers produce glass windshield across the country. However, the highest quality glass windshields are OEM glasses. Though there are a few good quality glasses out there, buying from the Original Equipment Manufacturers is usually a good way to stay in the path of quality. There are many good quality service provider of auto glass replacement near me who have good experience.

Using an original manufacturer’s glass windshield is a big plus, but getting the best out of it greatly depends on your installer. Settle for a glass windshield replacement company with a proven track record of quality service. Do not just about their prices and certification. Certification and prices are important, but have an honest chat with them and ask pertinent questions. You should always try to get an overview of their replacement process and make inquiries on the qualification of their staff.

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Remember, your windshield is an important layer of protection for your car. It protects you inside and keeps unwanted things out. This is usually not something to try cutting corners on. Quality service may set you back a few more dollars than you would like, but going for cheaper options may end up costing you more in the long run. Most windshield installation jobs should take about an hour and can be done at your residence or at the installation company’s workshop. Once the installer is finished, check for signs that the job was done properly. Ensure there are no tiny cracks; this is usually how big cracks that later envelope your screen start.