StikiPixels has today launched a KickStarter campaign for ground-breaking art discovery game Occupy White Walls.

Occupy White Walls (OWW) is an online creative building game in which players create and explore vast, beautiful galleries capable of housing thousands of famous and emerging art works.

Powered by a first-of-its-kind AI, the game analyses a player’s interactions to bring them together with the art and artists that resonate most with them. This makes OWW a unique art-discovery platform for undiscovered talent and budding young artists looking to share their work with the world.

To mark the KickStarter’s launch, developer StikiPixels has released a brand-new trailer for the game. Watch it here.

Powered by a first-of-its-kind AI, OWW analyses a user’s interactions to bring them together with the art and artists that resonate most with them. Called DAISY, the AI treats all artists equally and doesn’t discriminate between any artist, whether they’re a young Dutch artist or a slightly older one. This makes OWW a unique proposition for undiscovered talent looking to share their work with the world.

Developer StikiPixels works with independent artists worldwide to give them a unique way to connect with a new audience who may not normally venture into a real-world gallery and certainly wouldn’t have building permission in one.

KULTURA can be used to drive traffic to their social media, and galleries or websites where they sell their works, connect with fans (via dedicated notifications) and follow stats and comments about their artworks.

“With Occupy White Walls the team at StikiPixels wants to strip away with the boundaries between the public and the stuffy old art world with an intelligent, fun and boundary-free platform,” said StikiPixels CEO Yarden Yaroshevski. “With this KickStarter campaign we aim to continue building on OWW as a truly new way to experience art.”

The KickStarter campaign follows an impressive year for OWW in Early Access, with tens of thousands of players creating galleries covering a combined area 336-times that of Paris’ Louvre and housing more than 6,300 art works – six times what the Tate Modern has on display.

The campaign aims to unlock player-requested features like art uploads, unique new in-game assets that help players further personalise their spaces and the ability for players to build and host multiple galleries.

Occupy White Walls’ KickStarter page can be found here.

Assets can be downloaded here.

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