Drug addiction not only affects an individual but the whole family. Sometimes, drug abuse disturbs the whole family life not only emotionally but also physically. Substance abuse destroys family dynamics, vanish trust, weakness communication among family members. Drug addiction recovery process can trigger a lot of emotional stress for everyone. Along with the addicted person, the family also suffers the implications of this process. And situation like this family has to stay strong and create a helpful and supportive recovery and growth environment.

Recovering from addiction is not easy for an individual, but with the support of friends and family, this pathway becomes easier and less painful. Serenity addiction support is required for the right emotional and mental support. There is a lot of organizations that provide support like Harley St Alcohol Detox organization.

You can play any role depending upon your feeling and relation with the family and the addicted individual. Here is a brief list of roles that you can play:


As the name suggests, the saviour is the hero of the addicted family system. They achieve well and look good to make their family proud. By being a strong mind for the entire family, they compensate for shame which family goes through because of addicts. They bring pride in society.

The victim

In the family system, the victim member is the person who is blamed. The scapegoat generates other issues so that they can deflect attention from the main issue. It is crucial to avoid the victim member as he/she may distract the attention of the addicted member to some other issues.

The mascot: Humor is essential while dealing with stress. Sometimes, humour creates an impact on the substance use disorder and draws his/her attention from the addicted substance to the humour.

Help Your Dear Follow All Recommendations Of Treatment

To overcome substance abuse, there is integrated therapy which often comprises of different services that are altered for each individual needs. The treatment plan may include:

  •   Family therapy
  •   Case management
  •   Group therapy or individual therapy

A family can support by in a lot of ways, and some of them are listed below:

  •   Making sure that your dear one is taking all the prescribed medications on time
  •   Paying attention to elements of the treatment like their side effects, benefit, purpose, etc.
  •   Properly following up with the treatment team to be aware and help them address all sorts of concerns related to treatment or medication.

Inspire For Complete Abstinence From The Drug

You can encourage an addicted person to avoid drugs or alcohol by making him or her believe that abstinence will help them incomplete recovery.

Final Thoughts

Supporting your addict or loved one to grow a sober social network and stay in touch with those who are in favour of abstinence. Hope is essential for everyone to survive during the phase of recovery. A ray of hope for an addicted person is like a ray of sunlight in complete darkness. Family members can make addicts believe that he/she will be cured completely and makes the process of recovery easier for the addict.