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Safety First Company puts Young People First

Northumberland charity, Leading Link is creating exciting opportunities for the young people of South East Northumberland thanks to help from one of industry’s leaders in the fields of medical and safety technology.

Draeger UK & Ireland based in Blyth have given Leading Link a generous donation to set up the Children’s University which will create the opportunity for every school in Blyth to access the pioneering programme.

The Children’s University is a passport system where children and young people can collect stamps and record their participation in activities after school and with local and national youth providers.  Once they have collected 30 hours or more then they can don gowns and caps and attend a Children’s University Graduation ceremony usually held at St James Park, Newcastle. The aim of the programme is to build aspirations by engaging children and young people in new experiences.  Leading Link manages the Northumberland model of the National scheme and has currently issued more than 800 passports.

Leading Link is now in the process of contacting every school in Blyth to ensure that no one misses out on the opportunity supported by Draeger Safety UK.

Mike Norris, Managing Director Draeger UK & Ireland said “Draeger has a history of supporting local community initiatives around the area it is located in and we are delighted to help to support the introduction of Children’s University in Blyth.”

The partnership has created other opportunities for local children and young people including Leading Link’s Youth Media Team working with some of their younger peers as actors to create Draeger’s Contractors Health and Safety video. Uniquely, the video has the children playing the parts of adults.  

Lyn Horton, CEO Leading Link said ‘The children and young people really enjoyed their time at Draeger.  They experienced attending a planning meeting with senior managers, created a script, edited the film footage and mentored the younger actors. Now, every contractor that visits Draeger will watch their video which is something they are all very proud of.

“We are absolutely delighted to be working alongside Draeger and are excited about more opportunities in the future, especially through the Children’s University’.

If anyone would like to have more information on the Children’s University, please get in touch with Leading Link on 01670 820088 or

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