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  • SEAT teams up with Europe’s first certified KonMari Consultant to offer holidaymakers top tips for packing their car 
  • Video shows three simple steps to fit all the essentials – and more – in the boot – watch here 
  • KonMari Method encourages users to pack smart by de-cluttering and categorising
  • With nearly 5 million Britons set to drive to their holiday destination this year, the advice can help take the stress out of the dreaded task of loading up
  • Warning that messy packing can lead to danger for passengers

Milton Keynes, 30/07/2018 – SEAT is giving British holidaymakers the keys to car-packing success this summer, with three simple steps from a tidiness guru that will revolutionise the annual chore. 

Teaming up with Europe’s first certified KonMari Consultant, Aline Lau, SEAT has produced a handy set of tips for families preparing for their annual summer vacation, using the manufacturer’s compact SUV, the Arona. The full video can be viewed here.

Around 4.7 million Britons are set to drive to their holiday destination – either in the UK or in Europe – rather than fly abroad this year*, leading to the temptation to ram the car full of unnecessary home comforts.

The KonMari MethodTM – an organisational technique developed by consultant and author Marie Kondo – follows simple rules that focus on de-cluttering and keeping only items that ‘spark joy’. The mindset has been used to help families pack the car for the holidays.

By de-cluttering items that don’t ‘spark joy’, ordering remaining items into categories and using assorted space-saving techniques, the Japanese discipline means that families can fit everything they need – from children’s toys to sports equipment – into even a modest-sized vehicle.

Three KonMari Method tips for packing the car this August

  1. De-clutter – Remove any item that you could actually do without – be ruthless with yourself and keep only items that make you happy
  2. Pack smart – Fold and roll clothing to save space in suitcases and put loose items into boxes before loading into the boot
  3. Categorise – Put your essentials within reach in the car and maximise boot space by packing cases vertically

Lau said: “Life in general is very cluttered in the modern world. We constantly have to go through a de-cluttering process in order to keep a peaceful mind.

“Many people now adopt Marie Kondo’s mindset in their homes but this is the first time we have used it to pack a car. We will automatically try to take too much with us on vacation but, by separating each item and categorising what we really need, we can be more efficient instead of trying to take everything from our lives with us on holiday.”

SEAT makes life easy with Arona

To make the most of the Arona’s boot space of 400-litres, Lau lowered the depth of the floor and utilised features such as front passenger net pocket to stow essentials. Once fully loaded the boot included two suitcases, a box of beach toys, towels and sports equipment, box of shoes, kid’s rucksack, full-size pushchair, beach bag, beach mat and boogie board.

Richard Harrison, Director, SEAT UK said: “We know that SEAT drivers love to have an adventure and we want to make that experience as easy as possible, given that the annual hassle of packing the car for holidays is a well-established routine for most families. These three great tips from Aline will help make the chore of packing your car for the holidays nice and simple, ensuring you don’t leave anything important behind – especially the cuddly toy!”

SEAT launched the Arona earlier this year with a unique and simplified purchasing method. Choosing the spec and trim is a stress-free process: customers simply decide their preferred trim level, engine and colour with no further options to choose from, making it as easy as possible to choose the car that suits them best.

“The Arona is versatile and has generous boot space so it’s surprising how much you can comfortably fit in if you pack smart. As a brand, we like to keep things simple and easy; our car packing advice is an extension of that philosophy”, continued Harrison.

The advice doesn’t just make packing easier, it could make life safer, too. By being ruthless and de-cluttering the car’s interior, both driver and passengers will be in less jeopardy in the event of an incident.

Indeed, SEAT Passive Safety Engineer Javier Delgado advises that the heaviest suitcases should always go at the bottom and as far back as possible in the boot: “If we don’t place things correctly or securely, a slam on the brakes or a sudden manoeuvre could cause them to shift or fly forward and jeopardise safety. When driving at 62mph, if we brake suddenly, a package weighing 30kg turns into a 90kg projectile, multiplying its weight by three.” 

For more information on Aline Lau and her organising consultancy company, go to www.tokimekie.com