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Sir David Jason Learns some Geordie Magic Tricks!

Tim Healy & Chris Cross became friends at a ”Purely Belter 18th Birthday Party” – an event celebrating the local cult comedy film ‘Purely Belter’ turning 18 years old, earlier this year.  Following this, Healy invited Cross to perform at his annual charity golf event at Linden Hall this Summer, where Cross joined Steffen Peddie, Billy Mitchell, The Sunday for Sammy Band and other performers on an all-star Geordie line-up.

Chris Cross says: ”After telling Tim how much I loved the Great British classic comedies such as Only Fools & Horses and Open All Hours, etc. I was over the moon when Tim called me up a week or two after performing at his golf day, inviting me down to Scarborough to spend the day with him on the set of Still Open All Hours! He’s a top bloke with a big heart.”

”We had a great day – But meeting Sir David himself was a particular highlight – he really did enjoy the tricks I had to show him! One of the tricks I had made especially to teach him was something I’d adapted from my book, a 3 card trick with a Pina Colada printed on one of the cards… In the book it’s a bottle of Brown Ale but it felt appropriate to make a version to properly suit Del Boy! Immediately he wanted to learn the magic trick because he wanted to ‘show all of the cast and crew when we’re filming next week at Pinewood!’ so I sat with him and taught him the trick. Within 10 minutes he was performing it and fooling other members of the cast! He was such a nice bloke and sat reading my book between shooting scenes – he was like a kid with a brand new toy!”

A Halloween Trick or a Christmas Treat

Tim Healy Says: ”Chris is a top man, a top, top man. So there. Get out and buy his book!”

The Geordie Book of Magic is OUT NOW and comes with a pack of specially printed trick cards as well as a DVD featuring Tim Healy and other Geordie Celebrities, including Ray Laidlaw, Charlie Hardwick, Malcolm ‘Supermac’ Macdonald & Others on the DVD too.

It teaches a dozen easy-to-do North-East themed magic tricks, compete with a foreword by The Lovely Debbie McGee & Illustrations by VIZ Comic artist Davey Jones, It really is the Perfect Halloween gift or Christmas Present for any proud Geordie who wants to fool their friends in the schoolyard or down the pub – it’s suitable for all ages.

The book is available now from:

Chris Cross will be appearing at the ‘BOOKS ON TYNE – Newcastle Book Festival’ at the Newcastle Central Library on 2nd December at 1pm in a FREE Event, where he will be performing some tricks from the book, as well as giving a talk about writing the book itself and drawing inspiration from various North-East landmarks.

All details about this event can be found here:

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