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Hopping Across The North East From Hub To Hub


ByDave Stopher

Aug 11, 2021 #technology

We are slowly moving into an era where people live in increasingly smart homes. Smart appliances have been cropping up left and right but how do you pick and choose furniture that fits a smart home? Here are a few tips.

Under-the-counter table

Laptops are becoming very common in our lives, from casual browsing on the internet to heavy workload. More and more people are turning to laptops as their primary computer.

For homes with small interiors where the dining room and the kitchen have to double as a workspace, you might want to consider a pullout, bar-style table that’s built into the kitchen. This can be used when you’re eating as well as for working. It can easily be tucked back into place when you’re not using it.

And if you’re shopping around for a new kitchen, look for companies that incorporate things like this into their design. You can also commission carpenters to customize an already existing cupboard.

Bunks to maximize vertical space

When it comes to maximizing limited space, you can’t go wrong with well-designed bunk beds. Generally, these are used as beds in children’s rooms where they also serve as a platform for games. You can purchase a ready-made set or commission a carpenter to build something that fits into the proportion of the room.

If space has a lot of vertical space, you can use bunks beds for sharing when out-of-town friends and guests come for a visit. Choosing natural wood is ideal if you want to add an authentic cabin feel.

Smart recliner

Ever since their introduction, recliners have become commonplace in almost any home. It’s everyone’s favorite spot to watch TV or read a book. New models have now been introduced that allow recliners to be more than just a comfortable chair. There are models with USB chargers so you can charge gadgets by your side. Others also come in one or two cup holders much like the ones in cinemas.

Modular sofa for maximized seating

Going for a sectional sofa is going to help maximize the most out of your living room. It lets you add as many or as few pieces as the space dictates. A corner setup can boost the space for seating and also creates a nice nook for gatherings.

Ditch the home office, get a desk bed

Most people who live in cities have to contend with very cramped, often suffocating conditions. But this is the price they have to pay to be closer to work and all the advantages of living in the city. People who live in tiny apartments often have to make do with working on the dining table if they work from home, or in the bed. Why not get a space saver workstation that doubles as a bed?

A desk bed transforms seamlessly into a bed and workstation seamlessly. At night, you sleep in comfort on the desk bed, come morning, you will be more productive in your work if there’s no bed tempting you to have a nap.

Get dual-purpose pieces

In line with the previous item, you should invest in good multipurpose pieces. A beautiful sofa bed is not only the perfect place to lounge but can double as an extra bed for guests and out-of-town visitors. Choose pieces with simple styles and in neutral tones with soft, tactile fabric like felt and wool. You can introduce colors and patterns in throws and cushions which can be changed instantly if you want to update the decor.

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