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Experience matters when pursuing an injury claim, and sometimes solicitors have to play detective to discover how an accident occurred, as this case by Tilly Bailey & Irvine Law Firm’s Gemma Tunney explains….

In this case, a woman was a passenger on a bus and all she could remember was that the bus had to brake suddenly to avoid a collision.

She understood that a blue car was involved but had fled the scene, and was thrown from her seat onto the floor where she sustained injuries. She was understandably very shaken.

She contacted the bus company and they advised that their driver had to take evasive action. The bus company told her that the vehicle registration number of the other car involved was not visible on the CCTV footage.

Rules of the road

Sensibly, the lady contacted TBI Solicitors and we were able to immediately obtain a copy of this CCTV footage. The footage showed that the bus was stationary at red traffic lights in the left hand lane. The blue car was stationary in the right hand lane, however this lane was only to be used by vehicles turning right.

When the lights turned to green the bus proceeded straight ahead as allowed. However, the blue car also tried to drive straight on and squeezed in front of the bus. Had the bus driver not quickly applied his brakes, a collision was inevitable…

The driver of the blue car, seemingly unaware of what had happened, continued with his journey.


Having carefully studied the CCTV footage, we were able to make out the registration number of the blue car, although it was not easy. With some investigation work, we were able to confirm that the registration number that we had noted was indeed correct, and we were able to locate the insurers.

The driver initially denied any involvement in the accident but, after reviewing the CCTV footage, liability was admitted.


Our client suffered an aggravation of a pre-existing neck and lower back problem of five to six months, soft tissue injuries to multiple sites for three months and a soft tissue injury to her ankle – expected to recover within 20 months of the accident. We successfully obtained her £5,000 in compensation.

This is just one of the reasons why you should instruct EXPERIENCED, dedicated solicitors for your personal injury matters.

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