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Some Adverse Effects OF Alcohol On Your Body

ByDave Stopher

Jul 1, 2021 #health, #life

The moment you take even a sip of alcohol, it starts affecting your body in a really bad way.

Although you might think that an occasional drink does not matter much, but it also has some effects on your body system.

Having a glass or more in a single day can seriously damage your overall health, and if the habit grows in the future, you can certainly have a hard time to determine how to stop drinking alcohol as it won’t be easy for you to stop at just one glass after some time.

If you were not aware of the adverse effects alcohol can have on your health, read more below to enlighten yourself:

Inflammatory Damage

Your liver is the organ in your body that helps to remove and break down toxic substances from your body that includes tobacco and alcohol as well.

Intake of alcohol for a long time can certainly damage your liver by interfering with the process of this organ.

It can also increase the risk of you being exposed to chronic liver disease and liver inflammation.

Drinking alcohol can form scar tissues inside the liver that can badly damage the liver and have a much tough time removing toxic elements from your body.

Central Nervous System

One of the worst impacts of alcohol on your body is that it can severely damage your nervous system.

Excess intake of alcohol can destroy some of your major brain functions and can even cause things like a slurred speech.

It can decrease the communication between your body and your brain and make their coordination difficult.

When you are drunk, a hemisphere of your brain kind of loses connection with your body, and as a result, you find it hard to balance and stand straight.

Another considerable act is that alcohol is so dangerous that it can damage your central nervous system, due to which you might feel sensations like tingling or numbness in your hands and feet.

Drinking alcohol can also give your brain a hard time creating any long term memories and reduce your ability to make rational decisions and thinking properly as it destroys the frontal lobe, which is responsible for judgment, emotional control, and more essential roles of your body.

Serious abuse of alcohol can even cause your brain to permanently damage and can also lead to several brain disorders.

Sugar Levels

In your body, the organ that is responsible for producing and regulating insulin as well as responding to glucose is the pancreas.

Due to this toxic drink can damage your pancreas, and when your liver and pancreas are not working properly, your life can be at the risk of suffering from hypoglycemia and low blood sugar.

It can ruin your pancreatic system in a way that it would not be able to produce insulin in your body to utilize the sugar, and your body would not be able to balance and manage your blood sugar levels.

Due to this, you can experience some major health complications and severe diabetes-related to diabetes.

Digestive System

The digestive system is one of the major systems of the human body that is responsible for almost 60% functioning of your body.

Extreme consumption of alcohol can certainly destroy your digestive system quite quickly.

Though its side effects would not appear instantly, and you will know only once the toxicity of alcohol has completely ruined it.

Drinking can cause the sensitive tissues of your digestive system to damage and prevent your intestine from digesting whatever food you will eat.

Reproductive System

While some people might think that alcohol can lower their inhibitions and help them have more fun in the bed, the reality is completely opposite to that.

Those men who drink a lot of alcohol in their everyday life, they are most likely to face erectile dysfunction even at an early age.

When talking about women, those who abuse alcohol a lot can experience their menstruation system stops.

Women who happen to drink alcohol during their pregnancies might face miscarriage, premature delivery, and putting their fetuses at risk of many serious disorders.

Immune System

Drinking alcohol in a large quantity habitually can affect your body’s natural immune system in a worse way.

This makes it even more tough for your body to fight all the harmful viruses and germs that can make you quite ill.

Long term intake of alcohol puts you at risk of developing serious health diseases like tuberculosis or pneumonia, and in worse case scenarios, it can even cause cancer.

As it can weaken your entire system and cause your organs to eventually shut down if you do not stop at the right time, quitting alcohol is the only option to save yourself from all these health issues.

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