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Some of the extraordinary facts about the mukbang show

ByDarshan Shah

Mar 7, 2020 #Business

You would surely have heard about the trend of the mukbang among the majority of people in China. It is a type of eating broadcast program. In this program, an individual who is known by the name of mukbangers eats different types of food in the front of the camera. Basically, they are paid for eating the large quantity of food in the front of live web camera. The 먹방 got huge popularity among the individuals of the whole world after the nine years of its regular broadcast in china and Indonesia.

The unique thing about their show was that the eaters were paid in the form of star balloons which is a form of virtual currency. And they consider it for exchange and get it converted into the cash. You will be amazed to hear that after some years there was a considerable number of mukbangers observed in the different parts of the world and they were broadcasting on the YouTube.

The following are some of the attributes of them.

  • In the shows of the 먹방 they expose the food items by placing them too closer to the camera. The appearance of the food seems to be larger than its usual size. Their main aim was to choose the different themes on the every show to give the viewers knowledge about the different food items.

  • There are some muknbangers who were assigned to the specific recipes or food items and they broadcast about the same variety of food on the YouTube. The impressive thing about their show was that they undergo through the menu every time during the beginning of their show. This raises the interest of the viewers in getting a close idea about which food will be considered by the mukbangers.

Here are some of the famous celebrities involved in the mukbang

  1. Shugi

The shugi is the most popular types of mukbanger that you can enjoy on the television. She usually broadcasts a 먹방 in the nights of the week. She has a patent of eating the four spicy rice cakes in a single time. You will be amazed to hear that she had won the afreeca TV BJ festival in the hat trick years. She has some of the fantastic eating broadcasting shows that will be surely liked by you.

  1. Banzz

 If you are looking for the tycoon of the 먹방 then banzz will appear at the top of the list. He has been popular for eating the highest amount of food in the eating broadcast show and he claims to have the muscular appearance even after that. The barnzz is famous among the viewers as he has almost 3 million subscribers on the YouTube.

  1. DKD

These are the most popular brothers who have a significant contribution in the 먹방 eating broadcast shows. They have the real interaction with their viewers while eating the food in the front of the camera. They mainly consume the Korean food on their appearance.


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