Colewood Automotive has moved up a gear by adding two auto-industry experts to an already-strong team.

Growth and progression are on the cards for the Stockton-based company thanks to the addition of experienced director Richard Croft and automotive veteran Mike Wise.

The collective effort of the impressive board of directors including company leader Travis Coleman will help grow all existing ventures as well as establish new, innovative ideas for the future.

This exciting enterprise promises prosperity for the many automotive businesses and websites looked after by Colewood Automotive including Asda Tyres, RAC Tyres, RAC Shop and RAC Vehicle History Check. Their results-driven approach will help them to continue on their growth path, putting digital marketing at the forefront of their endeavours.

Highly experienced director, Richard Croft, has worked for the likes of Bond International, as well as a number of other high-profile companies where he made his mark.

Croft was brought in to look after the day-to-day running and development of the business, helping to facilitate major sales growth. He enjoys his role in the automotive industry and Colewood Automotive in particular.

He says: “The industry is relevant to most people’s lives, so you are always working on something which people really need.

“The people at Colewood Automotive are the best thing about it. Great outlook, energy and lots of ideas.”

Driving home innovation in the digital world is Mike Wise, who began his successful career at the age of 14. With a wealth of knowledge and experience, Mike has been the director of a number of corporations such as Kwik Fit, Delticom AG and ATS, making him an expert in all things automotive.

He thinks that 2019 will be a challenge for Colewood Automotive, but digital marketing will be prominent.

Mike said: “2019 will prove challenging with so many variables politically and geography.

“However, digital marketing has come into its own, and the prospect for success with creative initiatives challenging the norm will continue our growth.”

The skills and experience he brings to the team only make Colewood Automotive stronger and ready to dive right into new challenges.

He adds: “Companies that don’t embrace the digital revolution will remain in the slow lane and ultimately, the hard shoulder.”

Colewood Automotive is the specialist automotive division of Colewood Internet established in 1999. There are several connections to some very successful motoring businesses including Asda Tyres, RAC Tyres, RAC Shop and RAC Vehicle History Check. Asda Tyres is operated by Colewood Automotive under contract with Asda, while RAC Shop is managed and ran from their head office in Teesside.