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Why You Should Adapt To Animation Explainer Videos Advertising Strategy


Apr 19, 2019

In the world of digitization that we are living in today, not adapting to the digital methods of advertising businesses may cost your business big time. There are many digital ways of advertising your business and animation explainer videos are one of the most effective ways to achieve a positive impact on your business. There are many digital marketing agencies out there who are offering these services that you can consult.

There is a lot that you can achieve business-wise with animated explainer videos and when you compare the price you have to pay for them and the returns they facilitate your business to make, then you will be convinced that they are worth trying out. While this concept may sound new to some beginners, a little research would help greatly in showing or revealing just how positively it would impact your business. These videos are ideal for tv commercial production and they are a great combination of informative content and entertainment at the same time for more impact. Just need to make sure you use royalty-free companies that have proper audio licensing for the music they sell. So what are some of the main reasons as to why you should make the smart move and adopt such a marketing strategy?

Benefits Of Using Animated Explainer Videos As A Marketing Strategy

These are some of the reasons why you shouldn’t hesitate to adapt animated explainer videos as a business marketing tool;

  • The brand story is presented in the owner’s perspective; an animated explainer video gives the owner a chance to present the brand story in their own way. It achieves this by using visual metaphors and graphics that resonate with the targeted audience. That way, the product is brought into life and the audience can be persuaded into buying it in the process.
  • Facilitates focus on the brand story; your brand story is all that is focused on animated explainer videos. All you have to do is give your production team the details you would like focused on about your brand and they will make a story for just that.
  • They are perfect for explaining complex concepts of business; there is nothing complex about your business that an animated explainer video cannot achieve. The visual metaphors among other integrated features which are used help a big deal in bringing the message home. The technology in use for animated explainer videos is incomprehensible.
  • Product videos can make customers stop scrolling. They draw attention and may keep audiences engaged for 20 seconds or more. within the fast-pace e-commerce environment, this is often pure gold.
  • If you’re selling on Amazon, you recognize there’s not one category nowadays that isn’t crammed with fierce competition – regardless of how niche it’s going to seem.If you’re trying to find conversions, you would like to be strategic about the content that you simply post on your listings. this is often not only about catching the attention of Amazon customers, but also turning their interest into a purchase . Among the large sort of different sorts of product videos for amazon, there are two that do well: product feature videos and lifestyle product videos.
    These product videos are straightforward. The goal is to point out the customer what the merchandise can do. the last word purpose of a product feature video on your Amazon listing is to point out your item in action to assist a customer make an informed decision. By doing this in a beautiful format, your delivery of the knowledge can make shoppers choose your product over similar ones.
  • Making a product feature video is simpler and cheaper than other forms of videos. Having video footage of your product is usually great, but you’ll even use pictures you’ve already taken for your listing and mix them with text and animation to form an efficient video. Just remember to be clear and to the purpose once you create one – you would like to form it easy for your audience to urge the knowledge they’re trying to find and to recollect the most features of the item.

  • The video stands great chances of being watched; who doesn’t like watching a great video? With an animated explainer video, there is all the humor to blend in the serious business concepts. They are captivating and that makes them easier to watch for great audiences compared to other average advertisements.
  • They are cost-effective; compared to other videos such as the live-action ones, animated explainer videos are cost friendly because they do not rely on so many resources. Cloud-based solutions such as Go Animate make the work of producing such videos quite easy and since much of it is using the drag and drop tools, the whole process is economical compared to live-action videos.

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