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The Storyline Continues as Kian flies to America to Start his Treatment

Kian takes front seatThousands of supporters are celebrating today as Kian Musgrove flies to America with his family to start lifesaving cancer treatment, funded by record-breaking fundraising of over £600,000 from his army in the North East and far beyond.

Blyth is celebrating as Facebook fills with photographs of Kian Musgrove grinning from ear to ear as he boards his plane to America to start his potentially lifesaving Neuroblastoma treatment. Images of him in the cockpit pretending to fly the plane are fitting as the fundraising efforts of thousands of people in the North East and all over the world has allowed the little man to take control again of his battle with one the most aggressive forms of childhood cancer.

Kian has been joined in his battle by tens of thousands of people after Mum Kat worked relentlessly to bring his story to them in the hope that they would be as outraged as she was at the thought of her son having no chance of beating the devastating disease – and indeed the ripple of love and determination spread so far that some of the biggest fundraising events seen in the North East to date were held in Kian’s name and celebrities like Simon Cowell donated from their own pockets!

Kian’s journey so far has captured the hearts of the nation and shown many communities that they can achieve life-changing things by coming together. Since Fight for Kian – a comedians’ amateur boxing event held at Blyth Sports Centre in early February by Blyth-based Punch-Drunk Comedy – the town has taken Kian under its wing and has raised an astonishing estimated total of £100,032.05 towards the total funds donated to Kian’s family for his treatment. Known as a particularly deprived part of The North East, with a reputation that leaves a lot to be desired, this incredible achievement has proved that community -spirit wins out and that Blyth has that to offer, in spades!

Meanwhile having landed in the US this week and checked into the World-famous Memorial Hospital in New York for his radiotherapy and an innovative new treatment of which he’ll be one of the first patients, Kian’s in the best position that he could be in to fight this like the born-hero that he is!

The Storyline Continues!

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