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Students boost their appetite for languages

STUDENTS have developed a taste for languages thanks to a university initiative designed to boost learning.

Linguacusine has been developed by Newcastle University to teach people a range of languages, learn about a country’s culture and improve their kitchen skills.

Year 8 students from Wyvern Academy, Darlington, worked with Paul Seedhouse, of Newcastle University, not only learning how to make crepes but also all the associated French terminology.

Professor Seedhouse said: “The app was originally designed to help people with dementia but I realised it would be perfect for modern foreign languages.

“It has been shown that children learn more effectively when they are set a task and this uses the same principles but in the kitchen as well. This way it’s more enjoyable and engaging, they learn something about the culture of the country – and they get to eat the food at the end.”

The programme can help students learn anything from Arabic to Catalan and has recipes for a range of food, from Chinese to Geordie jam.

MFL curriculum leader at Wyvern Academy Stephanie Liddle said: “It really is a great way for students to learn. They really enjoy the sessions and talk about them long after they are over.

“The lessons push them out of their comfort zones and they use a variety of skills including languages, ICT, history and maths.”

Student Isaac Marlow, 12, said: “It has been a really good way to learn a language and you get to eat pancakes too.”

Ella Moss-Wilkin, 12, added: “My French wasn’t that great but this has really helped me understand it better.”

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