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Taking Driving Tests in Hartlepool

When Can You Start To Learn To Drive?

Once you are 17 you can start to learn to drive. There is an exception. If you are receiving or have applied for the mobility part of PIP (Personal Independence Payment) you can start to learn and take your test when you are 16.

You can’t just get in a car and have a bash at it though!  Until you have passed all your tests, whilst you are at the wheel you must;

– Be accompanied at all times by a qualified driver who has agreed to supervise your driving.

– Have L plates on your vehicle which must be insured, taxed and MOT’ed.

– Be able to read a car number plate from 20 metres away. If you struggle to do this then get an eye test and use glasses or contacts for driving.

– Have a provisional license.

Get a Provisional Licence

You can apply online and the current cost is £34. Before you try to apply make sure you have the following to hand;

– A valid UK biometric passport or a EU/EEA identity card. If you don’t have a UK passport then you should build in time to apply for this before you apply for your provisional driving license.

–  The addresses where you’ve lived over the last 3 years.

– Your NI (National Insurance) if you have it.

Alternatively, you can download form D1 and apply by post but this costs a bit more, £43.

Preparing For The Theory Test

The theory test is a multi-choice test and it based on three books which you can buy from any bookshop;

  • The Highway Code
  • Know your traffic signs
  • Driving – the essential skills

You can learn the material yourself but a decent quality driving school will support your practical lessons with some theory test support and examples. Once you have learnt the material you can assess how ready you are by taking a free practice test online.

The Hazard Perception Test

The hazard perception exam tests your awareness of potential dangers and your reaction to them. You can prepare for this too by downloading the official guide for either PC/Mac or a mobile device. Once you have got the idea of what is involved you can try a free practice test online.

Theory Test Centres

There isn’t a theory test centre in Hartlepool itself. Your two nearest centres are in Middlesbrough and Sunderland;

  • Middlesbrough – Unit 6, Cleveland Business Centre, 1 Watson Street. This is a 26 min drive from Hartlepool or you can get the train from Hartlepool to Middlesbrough station which is only 8 minutes’ walk from the test centre.
  • Sunderland – 2nd Floor, Havelock Buildings, High Street West. This is a 30 min drive from Hartlepool or you can get the train from Hartlepool to Sunderland station which is only 4 minutes’ walk from the test centre

There are also test centers at Northallerton (Carrick House, Thurston Road) and Newcastle (Collingwood House, 3 Collingwood Street) but these are further away.

You will need to know which theory test center you want to use before booking your test.

Booking Your Theory Test

There is only one theory test which includes multiple choice questions and the hazard perception test. As long as you have an email address you can book your test online. If you don’t have email address then you will need to ring up to book your test.

Before you try to book your test make sure you have these things to hand; your UK driving licence number, your email address and a credit or debit card. Car and motorcycle tests cost £23.

If you have any questions or problems there is theory test booking help centre who you can email (customercare@pearson.com) or call (0300 200 1122).

Attending Your Theory Test

Get to the test centre in good time (at least 10 minutes before your test time) and take your UK photocard driving licence with you. Each person takes a different amount of time but you will probably be at the test centre for 1.5 hours.

You can’t take any personal items into the test room so your bag, phone etc will all be stored in a locker for the duration of the test. You are given a locker key when you arrive. You will be given a test rules sheet to read and then taken into the test room and sat down at a computer terminal.

You will be logged on and then you will see details on how long the test is and how much time you have, you also have the option of doing a few practice questions first.  You will sit the multi-choice part first. You will see for each question you can flag it if you want to check it later. You will then move onto the hazard perception test section which has 15 clips of about 1 minute each.

Once you have finished you should quietly leave the test room and go back to the reception desk. Retrieve your possessions from the locker and wait for your name to be called – you will receive your results. If you have passed keep the certificate as it has a number on it you will need to book your practical test. Quite a lot of people fail first time so don’t worry. Just do some more practice and book another test.

Practical Driving Test

You can’t book a practical test until you have passed your theory test. You can book online and the cost is £62. There is a practical test centre in Hartlepool on Mainsforth Terrace (TS24 7NB) and it makes sense to choose that location as you will be taken on local roads for your test which you know.

On the test day you will need to take your provisional license and theory test certificate. You will also need a car – which is usually provided by your instructor. You can use your own or a family members car as long as it is road legal.