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Technology Makes Expat Life Easier in London

If you’re an expat planning to permanently live in London, then you will definitely need some help with adjusting to your new life. The following are technology apps that you can use as an expat living in London.

Mobile Apps for Communication

There are several apps that you can use to communicate with friends, family and new people that you meet while living and working in London.


WhatsApp is a smartphone messenger service. You can use it to message friends and family with your phone’s data or WiFi network. Beyond messages, you can also send videos, notes, images and audio for free while using its services.


Skype is a way to communicate with people worldwide. You can use data, WiFi, your landline or even your home’s TV to use Skype. Each month, 250 million people around the world use it. You can make video calls and free voice calls to anyone who is using skype. You can also leave video messages for friends and loved ones living in a much different time zone.


Viber is a very popular app that allows people to send photos, video messages, calls and texts worldwide using smartphone data or a WiFi connection. This communication app can be used to reach friends and family even if they are using mobile numbers or non-Viber landlines at minuscule rates. To add Viber contacts, the app automatically syncs with a smartphone’s contact list and updates your Viber list with those who are already using it. You can also use the desktop program for communication across platforms.


FooCall allows you to make international calls if you already have a contract with inclusive minutes. Tailored for mobile phones, it can be used to make calls without a WiFi signal. FooCall routes your call to a local, normal landline number. Then it routes the call from that local number to your number that you want to reach, all without you having to do anything extra other than dialling the number. With inclusive minutes, that means that your calls after the routing process will be completely covered. FooCall charges you for the international portion of the call, but it is a very low rate.

Mobile Money Apps

There may be times when you need to transfer money internationally online. This money may need to go to friends or family back home. For sending or receiving money, any of these mobile money apps should fulfil your money transfer needs:

Local Apps

Here are two apps that will immensely help you with navigating around London as efficiently as possible.


Citymapper is the best transport app available in London. Simply tap in a destination and it will automatically inform you of the most efficient ways to get to where you need to go. The app will show you have to reach your destination by foot, bus, tram, tube, minicab, tram and riverboat.

Timeout London

Timeout London is a very helpful app to help you get the most entertainment out of London. It uses location-based searches to help you plan out meeting spots, decide what restaurant or event you would like to reserve, and a plethora of discount opportunities.


YouTube is an excellent source for learning more about London while on the go or resting after a hard day’s work. There are many videos on YouTube about London, but these are your best bets:


InterNations has a thriving expat community. You can use the app to reach out to other expats and plan out fun activities together. Besides meetups, you can use the app to join theme groups, pick out city guides, network, check housing and job listings or participate on the InterNations community forum.

Wrap Up

To make your experience in London much more fun and problem-free, you should take advantage of the many apps and websites available for handling life in London. These mobile money, communication, informational and transport apps and programs can make your adjustment to life as a Londoner much easier.

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