There are various types of personal injury cases and not everyone necessitates the assistance of a personal injury attorney. With some, you can file a personal injury claim yourself, for instance, after a minor vehicle accident where it is evident that the other driver is at fault. However, with most slip and fall incidents, self-representation is not a good idea, for two primary reasons. Firstly, no slip and fall incident is straightforward and business owners hardly ever accept legal responsibility for the case unless the liability is transparent. Secondly, slip and fall defendants almost always argue that the injuries of the plaintiff are not as severe as they claim. The personal injury lawyer’s from must be your priority in such a case is to get the attention of the insurer and the defendant, who are not taking the self-represented claimant seriously. In this post, we will tell you more about why the assistance of a personal injury attorney is crucial.

Benefits Of Hiring A Professional Personal Injury Lawyer

The Attorney Can Evaluate Cause Of The Slip And Fall Incident

For the attorney to obtain a fair settlement for the slip and fall case or for it to go to trial, you and your attorney must prove that you fell due to negligence of the property owner and that it was the root cause for the injury. First, he must launch an investigation into precisely how the injury was sustained. Falls can happen fast, and many individuals don’t understand precisely how they could have walked down the shop aisle the one moment and end up on the ground with an injury. Say you have fallen down the stairs, many factors play a role in determining liability. For instance, did you happen to miss a step? What shoes were you wearing? Was there a handrail and did you hold onto it? Were you carrying something? All this information is vital, but it only determines how the fall happened. Now your lawyer from Noonan Law must figure out how the defendant can be held liable legally for the incident.  The following questions can be asked:

  • Did you really miss the step?
  • Did you slip on something slippery or due to a defect on the step?
  • Did you trip on your bag strap, over your coat, or maybe something else?
  • Did you perhaps reach for something like the handrail and lost your balance?
  • Were you in any way distracted, for instance, talking on your mobile?
  • Are all the steps of equal height? Varying riser steps can lead to someone losing their balance and falling.

The liability investigation typically includes a review of applicable federal, state, and local laws to assess if property conditions are violating any regulation or statute. Your lawyer will also speak to experts where necessary to improve your position.

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An Attorney Can Prove That All Losses Were As A Result Of The Slip And Fall

Proving the extent and nature of the injuries you sustained as well as other damages is no matter of just declaring that you broke your wrist at work and were off for two months. The loss of income must be properly documented and backed up by employment records. Your attorney must obtain all medical bills and records. There is also a separate, often critical component of the claim which is referred to non-economic losses, for instance, pain and suffering.