Time to go home. Classes are finished for today. If we are lucky to stay in an apartment or studio not far from Campus, we will be home soon. On our short walk, we notice something. Nothing new, we see it every day. Even so, today, it’s like more upsetting for some reason. Perhaps it’s something I read or watched on TV. But that homeless man, stretching his tired arm, how did he get there?

It’s called a conscience. We care. Many students get more sensitive about people fighting homelessness. Sometimes reading about it is enough to start caring. When you let’s say read some free essays about homelessness, you might wonder: What happened? And, is there anything I can do to help? You sure can, and in more ways you imagine. Simply writing an essay about it will wake up more people for the problem of homelessness. Set an example!

This can be a topic worthwhile for your next college assignment. If you are free to choose your subject, why not make your contribution to solving this heartbreaking problem? Before you contemplate this more, let’s talk about the reasons why people become homeless. And after, what ways are there to help out?

What causes homelessness?

Because of more than one reason, people lose their homes and almost all their possessions. Reasons can be:

  • Many people can’t find affordable accommodation. They are simply too poor
  • Low-paying jobs
  • No back-up from anyone
  • Losing your job can put your life upside down
  • After prison, when nobody is waiting for you
  • Divorce.
  • Mental or physical problems.
  • Natural disasters

Some unfortunate people literally sleep on the street, which is not the safest place to spend the night. These are not the ones who sleep in Motels or stay over at a friend’s place because they have no official address.

The worst cases don’t meet the criteria for getting temporary homes or apply for homelessness assistance.

And this can happen to us all. This affects us all, one way or another. Now we have our answer to: Why is homelessness a problem in society?

How this helps us to understand and show empathy

In spite of the popular conviction homeless people have themselves to blame, or are just too lazy to work, we can see that people often have no choice. Their problems are our problems. We can’t turn our backs on people in need. Many do, though. Luckily indifference can be beaten. Impossible you think?

Not if we start with ourselves, it’s not. Many raindrops make a river. It’s a case of setting an example. Did you notice how people tend to follow? We are genetical to form groups of likeminded people. Or, more precise, we join groups of people that share our values. A good example is religion. Hence, one person can start a revolution. We prefer peacefully.

Action speaks louder than words

Awareness is one thing, helping is another issue. But how to help? A good way to start is by sharing your awareness with others. Many hands make light work. Talk about it with friends and family. The more people start to care, the better.

Join people that already care. Team spirit, you know. Get involved in volunteering. Help out at a homeless shelter, handing out food and clothes. Join an action group that fights for affordable housing. Or you can donate to those organizations.

Agreed, sounds like a huge task. The least you can do is write about this problem. Essays and papers about wages, funding, programs, laws, and so on, may move readers. Put them online and enforce the people writing about this.

What to take home from this?

We mentioned just some reasons and things people can do to support their fellow citizens in trouble. Surely a student can think of more. Decided to use homelessness and its consequences, or what causes homelessness, as the topic of your next essay? Then you will do your research and find new perspectives that may make this article better. We learn from each other.

That’s why we should follow the example of writers who know what they are talking about, who write original texts that motivate people. Good examples and samples will inspire us and set us in the right direction to reach more individuals. The word is a sword. It cuts through any resistance. It can win a war. The battle for compassion and equal rights can only benefit from that kind of power.

On a final note, next time you’re on your way home, don’t shrug off the difference your simple gesture can make. A smile, some change in your pocket, and making a homeless person feel seen. Nothing is worse than to feel invisible.