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The Top 5 Reasons Why Cheap Mattresses Just Aren’t Worth It

There are many types of mattresses available on the market including expensive and relatively inexpensive ones(said to be as best cheap mattress). And then there is another category that comprises of mattresses that are cheap and of extremely poor quality. The price usually indicates the materials from which the mattress has been constructed as well as many other features like its density and thickness. A latex mattress is more expensive than hybrid and memory foams but there are also different grades within this category. For example, Talalay latex mattress is of superior quality than all other types of mattresses owing to its numerous benefits including more density and more springiness.

Here are the top 5 reasons why one must stay away from cheap mattresses;

  1. Cheap Mattresses Are Not Good Health-Wise

Mattresses made from synthetic materials usually contain toxins and allergens, which make them a very poor choice for long-term health. Some of these cheap mattresses are not resistant to dust mites and hence cause problems for the sleeper. Moreover, since they do not offer cushioned support and proper body alignment, they may cause serious spine issues including chronic back pain.

  1. Using Natural Bamboo Sheets Will Have No Effect on Cheap Mattresses

Some people might think they are able to create that “natural” feel by using bamboo sheets with a synthetic mattress. However, the truth is that the benefits of bamboo sheets or a bamboo pillowcase are only effective when they are used in conjunction with a good quality latex mattress and a latex pillow.

  1. Cheap Synthetic Mattresses Are Not Eco-Friendly

One concern that comes with anything artificial is the way it harms the planet and put the future generations at stake. A latex mattress is natural as well as eco-friendly, which means all its components are completely recyclable and it doesn’t have any negative impact on the environment.

  1. Low Quality Mattresses Wear Out Quickly

It is tempting to buy a mattress that comes with a below-average price tag, but in reality the user will have to pay more when the mattress would wear out rather quickly. On the other hand, a latex mattress and a latex pillow will last for many years to come and there will be little or no deterioration in their quality.

  1. A Cheap Mattress Does Not Offer a Comfortable Sleep

Latex mattresses can be used with a cooling mattress protector to improve their comfort level. On the other hand, cheap mattresses will only make the sleeper sweat and be uncomfortable throughout the night. Not to mention the uneasiness that comes with motion when a mattress is shared with another person. It is a known fact that a latex mattress isolates movement and offers a luxurious sleeping experience.


There is simply no point in investing in a cheap mattress no matter how well it has been advertised. In the long run, it is going to create problems for the user whether it is health or otherwise. A poorly constructed mattress is no comparison for a natural one like the latex mattress because it doesn’t offer even half of the benefits that come with a 100% organic mattress. A cheap mattress wears out quickly forcing the user to replace it with a better one. So, it is recommended to spend wisely the first time around instead of getting into all this trouble later on.

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