‘No Sex Please – We’re British’ may well be the sentiment for millions across the UK, unless you’re in London. A study of more than 2,000 by European lingerie specialists, Hunkemöller, found that residents of the capital are the friskiest between the sheets.

The poll shows that 43% of Londoners admitted that they’ve been enjoying more sex and have been engaging in more exciting activities in their sex life in the past 12 months. But fear not, if you live in Southampton, Newcastle, Birmingham and Belfast, you’re also giving Londoners a run for their money.

Despite Newcastle making an appearance in pole position with 26% of locals enjoying a good sex life, it appears it’s still pretty ‘grim up north’.  Unfortunately for Manchester residents, the past year has been less steamy due to less sex and less exciting sex lives for almost half (43%) of those living there.

Joining the Northern city on the list of least frisky UK cities was Leeds (31%), Liverpool (31%), Glasgow (30%), and Edinburgh (28%). Perhaps it’s time northerners took a leaf out of the Geordie Shore playbook?!

How attitudes towards sex have changed

There’s no denying that sexual lifestyles have changed in Britain substantially in the past few decades, with changes in behaviour – and attitudes greater in women than men. It’s not just that we’re having more sex, with more than 9 million Brits admitting to having more sex in 2020/21 than previously, we’ve seen a significant broadening in the palettes of the nation’s activities between the sheets.

Cynthia Graham, an academic at the University of Southampton and editor of the Journal of Sex Research, agrees. “There’s a broadening of people’s views of what having sex means. Sex is no longer so closely geared towards reproduction. The rise of lesbianism, the rise of anal sex – these things aren’t being discussed enough.”

Couples are being more adventurous and trying things previously unheard of; and the survey backs this up. One in ten UK couples have engaged in “more exciting sex” over the past 12 months and one in ten also admit that they’ve been more adventurous with their sexual antics.

How to improve intimacy

Despite almost half the nation (43%) pledging to continue with their sexual revolution, there will come a time when the proclivity of these lockdown activities will lessen. However, all is not in vain, there are some simple things you can do to hold on to the intimacy you’ve built.

Talk about it

The easiest way to get physically closer to your partner is by having an honest chat. In true British fashion, the poll revealed that more than a third of Brits (37%) have turned to cups of tea to help rekindle the spark between themselves and their other half.

Dress up / down

Dressing up for work and social occasions may have been off the cards, but dressing up for the bedroom was not, as one in seven (15%) said they have invested in more sexy underwear in recent months. Wearing red lingerie that you feel great in is a sure-fire way to get sparks flying.

Increase PDAs

Love them or loathe them, increasing your PDAs is a great way to build tension and start foreplay. An arm squeeze here, a look across a crowded room there – practising non-sexual touch in your day-to-day lives can help you feel closer, even before you make it the bedroom.