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Things to know about Staffing agency Seattle

ByDave Stopher

Jul 29, 2020 #recruitment

The COVID-19 situation makes 2020 the worst year for everyone. Even a single factor is not there, which is not affected by it. It is quite devastating for everyone to accept that they need to leave their job these days just because they want to save their families. Not for only individuals but for companies as well, it is unfortunate to go through this situation. Now companies are facing crises just because employees are not available with them. For the same, they look forward to Staffing agency Seattle available and asked them about their requirements.

It is also important for the companies to be clear about their requirement because the staffing Agencies available in Seattle are so focused. If you also wish to get in touch with us staffing agency, then at the Scion Staffing, you will be going to get the best services.

Yes, you read it right. In this pandemic situation, companies cannot hire anyone without proper checkups and look at their qualifications.

Being a staffing agency in Seattle, we are focusing on every aspect with detail so that no trouble will be created for our clients. If you wish to get proof about it, here we are disclosing the task we are adapting to our working premises so that we can provide the best services to our clients.

Tasks we are considering

Regular health checkups:

Health checkups are becoming very important these days. Before sending people to the company, we sent them to the doctors. The doctors will do the whole body checkup and come up with the best report. Until and unless the doctors are not assuring us that the person is healthy enough to work in the surrounding, we will not send them to the company.

Apart from examining the report at our end, we also sent the same reports to the company so that they can go with it, if they wish to verify the same. Client satisfaction hits at the top for us. If they feel like that the person will not be suited to their surroundings considering the health report we have presented, then we will arrange someone else for the same.

Basic requirements:

In this pandemic situation, a person needs to understand the basic rules and regulations. Along with rules and regulations, we equip them with basic requirements, including masks, PPE kit, sanitizers, etc. Not even a single official we send to your place will come up without any of the essentials. They are aware of all the rules and regulations they need to follow in the working premises, including social distancing. You will not feel like they violate the rules and regulations and creates some trouble for other people working in the surroundings.

Staff for alternate days:

Some of the companies are opening only on alternate days, and some are regularly opening. We are arranging people in a manner that each of them will come to the office on alternate days. For example, if you require someone for data management, we will assign you two people. One will come on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, and the other one will come on Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday. This will let them complete the task more effectively, and all the measures they need to adapt in this COVID-19 situation will be maintained.

Dedicated staff:

In this COVID-19 situation, a company cannot hire someone who is not dedicated to considering the task. The staff you will be going to hire from us is dedicated enough that you will not feel like they are misbehaving with you for not completing the task in the given deadline. If you feel like any of them is creating any trouble, you can call us immediately. We will look at the problem arising and provide you a better solution for the same.

Emergency services:

We at Scion Staffing Austin are available with emergency services as well. If you feel like that the employees who are working with you earlier just left your company and feel like no option is left with you, then we are here to help you. There is no need for you to visit here and there and feel that the staff will not come to your company at times. Just approach us and lets us know about your requirement. We will arrange the employees accordingly. Moreover, if you wish to hire someone permanently as well, the option is available with us.

Apart from all the services, we take care of everything attentively so that no trouble will be created to employees, companies, and to us as well. If our clients feel that they wish to hire someone who can follow them on the basis as they require, the same option is also available. You just need to be clear about your requirements so that we can let the employees no and they will be able to treat you in the same manner as well.

About Scion Staffing:

We are a company where you can come whenever you wish to hire a staff. In this COVID-19 situation and regular days, we assure to be the best staffing agency Seattle so that our clients will be able to avail the best services. We have staff available for all the services, including management, developers, technicians, and others. For every requirement, we are available at your service.

Also, we are an award-winning company, and hence you can trust the services we are providing. Our efforts and determination considering the services let us to achieve the position, which is impossible to achieve after many years. Hence if you do not want to feel disappointed considering services, then let us know about it. We will become your one-stop destination when you want to hire staff for working area.

Along with providing the services, we also assure you to provide security. Not even a single person coming to your premises will leak the information to any other company. They will not get an idea about your Rivals, and also, no such trouble will be created to you in any case. If any of them is trying to manipulate the terms and conditions, we will not let them be available there for a longer duration.


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