With the lockdown beginning to slowly but surely ease off for everyone, it’s time to start looking at things to do. One thing we have all likely missed out on when it comes to lockdown is the ability to play or watch sports. Even the joy of sports betting has been removed for the most part from our lives. Therefore, it’s easy to see why so many of us are eager to get back on the pitch or court and get playing again.

What, though, are the best sports to get into after lockdown?


The NBA, or basketball, is one of the most exciting sports worldwide. Fast-paced, high scoring and with plenty of room for players to express themselves; basketball is the ideal sport for a sports fan who wants something that always has something happening.

That’s a big reason why NBA is so popular today – it’s a sport that can feel pretty breathless even if you are just watching it on the couch with a few beers and some bets placed.


If you prefer your indoor sports to be more physical, then you might wish to get into NHL. Hockey is a fun sport to watch, and the NHL is the elite global hockey league. The sport is full of power, technical quality, and competition. Players often have scraps on the ice, too, so you can see plenty of interesting physical confrontations stemming from an NHL match.

For a sport that’s fun and engaging to watch and play, try out hockey.


If you are looking to play a sport that is about technique and teamwork as much as it is about aggression and athleticism, you should try out soccer. Soccer might not be the most high-scoring game, but it’s a sport where every member of the team has to contribute if you are going to go and win at the end.

Soccer is a fun and exciting sport, and one that can be great for those who like a sport revolving around technical quality as much as physical strength.


Though rugby is by no means massive in the USA, it’s a sport with a growing global prominence. You should look to try out some rugby if you can find a local club, or find some games to watch on the TV/online. It’s a fun event for sports betting, too, as rugby is often a highly competitive sport where results can turn around in a very short space of time.


Tennis is a great sport for those who want something non-contact that allows you to really work on how you play and how you compete. It’s a sport that forces you to always be on the move and to always be active, all the while giving you every opportunity that you need to go and take part in some tennis.

It’s a fantastic starting place for just about anyone who is looking to engage in a sport that is exciting, competitive, and great for getting you into pristine physical shape. So, what do you find the most exciting sport?