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Top 6 AI Software Companies in the UK in 2022


Aug 15, 2022

Top Artificial Intelligence Companies in the UK 

Artificial Intelligence is booming now, with more and more companies interested in this state-of-the-art technology each year. But how do find the best fitting software provider in this overwhelmed AI market? We have compiled a list of top artificial intelligence (AI) companies in the UK, using the data from Clutch.co – a trusted listing of top software companies. 

Top 6 AI companies in the UK

Let’s start our top list of the UK software development companies with proven names in the market of AI technology:


  • InData Labs

InData Labs is a top-market AI and data science solutions provider with its own R&D center. Its specialists advance and innovate businesses of all sizes with the power of AI-driven products, helping them to automate daily workflow, get valuable insights, and cut costs.  Their prior advantages include:

  • Profound AI expertise: predictive analytics, forecasting, and cognitive computing
  • Rare technologies: 3D computer vision, text analysis, OCR-based text recognition
  • In-house R&D center: top data science specialists, field researchers, and valuable business insights


  • Imaginary Cloud

Imaginary Cloud is a web, mobile and AI-focused software company, that works with such giants as BNP Paribas, Nokia, and Thermo-Fisher. It has been included in the Top 1000 Global Companies and won the UK Top B2B Company award in 2021 due to the following advantages it provides to the customers:

  • Excellent quality of services: 99% recommendation rate with 5-star service reviews;
  • Customer-centered process: product-focused design, agile development, and flexible business models;
  • Motivated employees: highly skilled engineers with a 98% employee retention rate


  • Deeper Insights

Deeper Insights use AI to help small and large companies solve their toughest problems: improve customer experience, go through digital transformation, automate the daily routine, and get real-time data analytics. The main advantages they offer are:

  • Talented specialists: top data science and machine learning experts on board;
  • Custom approach: artificial intelligence model development and strategic consulting;
  • Certified experience: professional cloud services, AWS, and GCP partnership


  • Exometrics

Exometrics provides its customers with machine learning and advanced data analytics services to solve business problems in various industries. The company uses powerful software for extracting insights from unstructured data. Their advantages include:

  • Professional consulting: artificial intelligence, machine learning, and data analytics;
  • Data visualization: business intelligence (BI) and custom visual dashboards;
  • EXOcognitio AI: audio transcription, photo and video annotation, and sentiment analysis


  • Imobisoft

This is a fast-growing custom software company with an emphasis on data analytics and workflow automation, partnering with giants like Northern Gas Networks, Sky, and E Energy. They help companies optimize their workflow, improve customer experience, and reduce costs. Among the main advantages are:

  • Custom development: digital transformation and system integration expertise;
  • IoT development: telematics, connected health, and low power messaging;
  • Deep AI expertise: NLP, computer vision, and machine learning


  • Digica

Digica is a custom data science and AI company, which helps customers to solve their business problems by applying cutting-edge techniques to their products. Being driven by deep expertise in AI, they guide customers into the World of “new electricity” and provide them with the following advantages:

  • Custom approach: thorough business analysis and highly customized software;
  • Talented specialists: deep learning, computer vision, and synthetic imaging;
  • Rare technologies: audio analysis, financial trading, and predictive analytics

New Promising AI Market Players in the UK

Speaking about the top AI companies in the UK, we should admit that there’s a great number of freshmen among them. Experts from McKinsey say that it’s probably connected with the fact that after the Coved-19 pandemic, many companies wanted to improve their online presence and customer experience with the help of AI. Below we have listed the most promising AI companies in the UK, founded no more than 4 years ago:

  • WorkingGeeks

Founded in 2018 with the main focus on mobile development and AI, WorkinGeeks helps its clients to turn their business ideas into ready-made digital products. They have already proved to deliver the top user experience to their customers in the fintech, healthcare, travel, and entertainment industries. 

  • Contic

Founded in 2019, Contic provides agile software development services using AI for small and mid-sized organizations from various industries. They build iOS, Android, and Web apps in an amazingly short time and guarantee their clients to get the first project results within the first week of development. 

  • Looming Tech

Founded in 2020, they have already succeeded in working with various companies from small startups to midmarket players. They not only create cutting-edge AI software for their customers. They act like digital partners, helping companies being at different development stages (pre and post-MVP, scale-ups, new products, and digital transformation,) to benefit and grow.

Here’s what our top list of artificial intelligence (AI) companies in the UK looks like for the middle of 2022. Do you agree with it? Which companies are probably missing? Feel free to share your findings on our social networks. 


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