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Top Online Games to Play for Fun

Funtastic Online Games

It’s all fun and games until someone, well, takes away the fun and games. So how can you choose between the seemingly limitless number of online games including online casino and blockbuster movies clamoring for your attention? Of course, start with a helpful guide like this to assist in identifying your favorite game to play! We combed through app stores and digital marketplaces to compile a list of the finest online multiplayer games to play with pals. Some games are well-known, while others are still in their infancy. There are even a few classics thrown in for good measure. Whether you’re looking for free games to pass the time or a new virtual world to lose yourself in for 100+ hours, this list has something for everyone.

It’s not necessarily the game that stands out, but rather the people who participate in it. Humans can spring surprises and make plans that turn a typical first-person shooter or puzzle game into a gladiatorial clash or co-op crusade; complex gameplay and sparkling visuals can only take a game so far. However, that is the key to the most successful multiplayer games. So, without further ado, we give you the top online games to play for fun.

Red Dead Online

The sequel to Red Dead Redemption is a masterpiece. Unfortunately, the game’s multiplayer component, Red Dead Online, hasn’t quite reached the same level of popularity as its Grand Theft Auto 5 counterpart. However, it’s still a hootin’, hollerin’ good time. You can do anything in the single-player campaign, including hunting, holding up stagecoaches, and having a shave in the back of a saloon, but multiplayer offers new experiences. There’s a sweeping tale to follow, as well as pop-up events, racing, and competitive team battles. So gather a group of friends and charge in.


Sites like Miniclip and Newgrounds, which host innumerable free-to-play products from small studios with limited publication budgets, are responsible for many successful Steam games and console titles. Superhot, a Unity-developed first-person shooter in which time stops when you do, giving you plenty of time to form coherent ideas, is one of these success stories. Superhot is a browser-based game that blends classic first-person shooter games with turn-based strategy mechanics to produce a unique and fun experience.


In January 2001, Jagex published RuneScape, a point-and-click MMORPG set in the vast medieval fantasy world of Gielinor. Explore a world populated with varied races and guilds, all pursuing dominance while taking part in over 200 adventures. You have the option of training in Combat, Artisan, Gathering, Support, or Elite talents. As you progress through the game, your abilities will improve, allowing you to complete more objectives

Destiny 2

In the ever-expanding action RPG Destiny 2, team up for one of the best online multiplayer games ever made and explore the cosmos. This looter shooter has evolved since its release in 2017, giving players plenty of reasons to keep playing or return after a hiatus. Destiny 2 is now completely free to play, allowing newcomers to immerse themselves in the story in a three-player co-op, participate in raids in six-man teams, and takedown randoms in PvP without spending a dime.

Don’t Starve Together

Even though the title is bleak, this four-player cooperative survival game is oddly endearing. The goal is to survive as long as possible in a hostile environment, gathering natural resources to build fires, cook food, and make weapons to fight off the extremely aggressive indigenous wildlife. An excellent approach to figure out which of your pals you can count on in a life-or-death emergency.

War Thunder 

In aerial dogfights, enormous tank engagements, and naval skirmishes, military vehicles knock seven bells out of one another in War Thunder, a free-to-play multiplayer game. While that pitch may seem similar, no free MMO has come close to matching War Thunder in terms of quality, balancing, and the sheer amount of vehicles available. Furthermore, while the multiplayer game started with a basic set of aircraft and ground vehicles familiar from World War II games, it has since grown to include the military histories – past and present – of several countries, ranging from global superpowers to smaller nations known for punching above their weight.

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

There’s a reason Counter-Strike has been so popular for so long. Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (or simply CS:GO) is a fast-paced, hyper-lethal simulation of modern military combat. As you set out to destroy other players or engage in more objective-focused games like disarming a bomb, tactics, and teamwork will win the day.

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