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Under £100 – The Average Amount Stingy Shoppers in the North East Spend On Pre-Holiday Shopping


Jul 1, 2019 #Travel & Tourism

Over 702,000 people in the North East spend less than £100 on sun-cream, sarongs and sandals!

eSky releases the findings from its latest consumer research collaboration. The study looked into how much Brits spend in the run up to their summer get-away and reveals on average people in the North East spend just under £100 per trip on items such as new clothes, accessories and toiletries. This equates to just under a fifth (18%) of the average UK weekly wage[1].

In stark contrast to this, just under a third of North East residents (795,000) spend in excess of £500 preparing for a holiday and no residents spend over £1,000 prior to their get-away!

Jacek Skrzypkowski at eSky commented: “Our research highlights that Brits have a keen appetite for travel and their Wanderlust is strong. The world is full of beautiful and exciting places to explore – we are empowering people in the UK to do just that. eSky inspires and makes travel planning easier. We offer more international and local domestic airlines around the world than any other UK agent and this simply means many more options.”

Visit www.esky.co.uk to browse the biggest selection of travel deals in the UK and take the hassle out of your holiday research, planning and prep.

[1] Source: Trading Economics, January 2019

By eSky

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