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Vue Darlington introduces ‘comfort kits’ for Halloween screenings

Vue Darlington has announced that it is set to introduce ‘comfort kits’ for nervous cinema goers in a bid to help them relax during the Halloween period for the premiere screening of Doctor Sleep, the sequel to Stephen King’s all time horror classic The Shining, set to hit the big screen on the 31st October.

Ahead of the 7:30pm showing, scaredy-cat viewers will be offered a ‘comfort kit’ to help calm their nerves during the new horror release, starring Ewan MacGregor.

Each comfort kit will be packed with a number of nerve numbing goodies; including a blanket to hide behind, ear plugs to block out creepy music, a stress ball to relieve horror induced anxiety, and calming comfort food.

Research, commissioned by Vue, into viewing habits found that 20% of North East residents watch at least one horror film every month. While 33% of those in North East describe themselves as a ‘hider’, having to hide behind cushions during the scariest on screen moments. Meanwhile, a shocking 16% of cinema goers in the North East have had to leave a screening because the film was too frightening.

Chris Collier, General Manager for Vue Darlington, commented: “Halloween is always a hugely popular time for film fans to enjoy the latest horror releases on the big screen

“However, we appreciate that for every horror buff there will be timid cinema goer who needs a little bit of comfort to help then truly relax and enjoy the film, which is why we created the comfort kits. I’ve no doubt that they will prove ‘scarily’ popular.”

Years after the events at the Overlook Hotel from the original Kubrick film, Dan Torrance (McGregor) remains traumatised by his childhood. But as a similarly gifted young girl comes to him, desperate to escape a sinister cults, he must face his own terrifying demons to save them both.

Comfort kits are limited and will be distributed on a first come first served basis during the 7:30pm screening of Doctor Sleep. Customers must present a valid ticket in order to redeem.

Customers can enjoy the latest big screen entertainment for a bargain price at Vue Darlington for just £4.99*, all day, every day.

For more information visit www.myvue.com