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What Causes Bed Bugs And How To Get Rid Of Them


Feb 26, 2020 #life

Any Home Can Have Bed Bugs

There is no doubt that people who suddenly discover that they have bed bugs have to go through a lot. To begin with, it is unnerving to realize that you are sleeping with bugs that bite you and feed on your blood while you are sleeping. That is something that can cause nightmares if you can sleep at all that is because a lot of people end up experiencing insomnia knowing that if they fall asleep bed bugs will start to suck on their blood. It can get even worse for some people. And it does not even end there because getting rid of bed bugs requires professional help; that means that your neighbors might see those professionals going in and out of your home and realize that you have bed bugs. We all know that neighbors talk and everyone in the neighborhood might soon know that you have bed bugs. Fortunately, most professional bed bug removal specialists these days do their job discretely to avoid this situation; because of this, your neighbors will not have anything to talk about! But the point here is that people see bed bugs in a very negative way. There is a huge misconception about bed bugs being caused by filth, but that is just not the case. Any home can get bug bugs no matter how clean or fancy it happens to be. Even the most luxurious hotels in the world will have bed bug issues from time to time. Bed bugs can live in just about any environment as long as there is a food source for them, and that food source is mainly human blood.  

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Be Bugs Are Bloodsuckers

Although bed bugs are not known to transmit diseases to humans, they can be very scary to a lot of people because they are bloodsuckers. Bed bugs need blood in order to live and breed but, unlike other blood-sucking insects, they do not have wings to get around and prey on their victims in that way. What bed bugs do is hide as best they can until late at night when they can safely bite and feed on their victims under the cover of darkness. They sound a lot like vampires if you think about it! Of course, bed bugs are very small and that makes them hard to see so people who have bed bugs might not realize it until they start to notice red, itchy welts on their arms, legs, or other parts of their bodies. But once you know that there must be bedbugs because of the bites on your body, you should be able to get rid of them fairly easily, right? The problem here is that you cannot just wash your bedding or get a new bed to get rid of bed bugs because, despite their name, bed bugs are not just on your bed; these pests will hide in dark crevices, in clothing, in furniture, in your pet’s bedding, and other places in order to avoid detection. What you need in order to really get rid of them is professional assistance from a bug removal company such as A1 Bed Bug Exterminator Rochester.

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What Causes Bed Bugs?

So if filth is not the cause of bed bugs, then what is? Bed bugs can bite animals, but they prefer to feed on humans because of our exposed skin. These pests come from all over the world. You can think of them as hitchhikers because they hitch rides all over the world in people’s luggage; this is why they are most often associated with hotels, motels, and hostels. And while it is true that you will find bed bugs in these places perhaps more often than in homes, there are other places where bed bugs tend to found more often than in homes. What this means is that you do not have to travel or stay at a hotel for bed bugs to hitch a ride into your home. You might catch bed bugs just by going to the library and that is scary. Yet another way that bed bugs manage to get around from one place to another is by hiding in furniture. A lot of people take advantage of used furniture being offered at a great price; but the next time you see such a deal, check the furniture thoroughly because it just might have bed bugs and you will be letting them into your house if you buy that furniture.

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