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What is a lanyard and how to use it? An unbiased review

ByDave Stopher

Feb 17, 2020 #Business

More and more companies are going for the lanyard approach for the employee photo-identification proof. However, not many seem to know the exact function of the lanyards. A lanyard allows employees or a group to display badges, ID and attach keys on a person without the need of damaging the clothes.

This is the main reason as to why we are seeing a massive shift towards the use of lanyards at most of the customer-oriented services. This includes everything from healthcare to academic services and anything in-between. If you are looking for your customized lanyard, then keep in mind that there are various services like the 4inlanyards that you can opt for.

Now, we will present to you a low down on lanyards.

Lanyard is a strap or cord that can be worn around the neck in a loop. This loop has a clip or a hook attached to it, which makes it the perfect solution for displaying ID and other official passes along with any attachment depending on the nature of your profession and lanyard requirement.

Choose your lanyard carefully

Lanyards have various types depending on the nature of the usage. There are lanyards for temporary usages like conferences and trade shows. Lanyards can be a more permanent feature if it is used for displaying badges and photo identifications at the work-place. Keep in mind that lanyards can be both light-weight for ease of usage as well as durable so that you don’t need to keep replacing damaged or worn-out ones.

Here are some considerations that you need to keep in mind while choosing the lanyard as per your requirement.

  • A full-color lanyard usually the satin variety is the perfect choice if you are looking to personalize with graphics, company logo or photography.
  • Sturdy lanyards with built-in safety features like the detachable and breakaway clip are perfect for the daily usage ID cards and other official badges.
  • Reflective lanyards are a great idea if you are looking to provide lanyards for staff members working in low-light sections or for the night security team.
  • Keep in mind that for lanyards to display ID cards and badges you will also need to order badge holders of the right size and type.
  • Lanyards are the perfect option when you are looking to mass-produce ID cards, badges and volunteer passes for any event or occasion.
  • Lanyards are the most common feature when it comes to conference badges, trade shows and staff ID proofs.

Now we will have a look at the main uses of lanyards.

For students and academic staff

Student and staff IDs are incredibly crucial, and it is one of the first things that is provided to anyone entering an educational institution. Custom lanyards help in the creation of a brand.

For corporate offices

Firms that include law firms, insurance services, and corporate offices along with financial institutions, require lanyards for the employees as well as the visitor passes.

Event management

Any event management and organization require the use of ID proofs and badges for backstage areas and for volunteers. Use of lanyards makes for easy access of the staff to the restricted areas.

For government offices

Keep in mind that government officials usually work in a secure environment and requires the use of a secure ID card with some sort of chip installed for doors. The lanyard will allow employees to secure their ID badges the right way with ease of access when it is required.

Gyms and health clubs

Membership cards attached to the branded lanyard makes for one hell of a customization branding. It helps you to keep track of the members and at the same time advertises your firm as well.

The medical care industry

Keep in mind that lanyards are essential when it comes to hospitals and other medical care service providers. Custom lanyards can help patients and families identify the right staff at any multi-specialty clinic. There are various anti-microbial lanyards that work perfectly in the sterile hospital environment.

For the use in media

Media personalities and reporters need their press passes and ID cards to be displayed at all times. Easy identification allows for various advantages in any situation, and it is no different for the media personalities and reporters as well. So, if you are running a media service, keep in mind that custom lanyards are the right option for you.

Lanyards are for easy identification which saves time and makes for a very streamlined process. Your staff and employees do not have to worry about misplacing badges and ID cards. It’s not just that as lanyards make for easy displaying, which means they don’t have to fish the card out of the bag or pockets when time is of the essence. We hope that our post allows you to understand the importance of lanyards in any industry. So, get down to customizing and designing your brand’s signature lanyards.

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