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What Is the Best Game Console in 2022?

ByDave Stopher

Jun 25, 2022

What Is the Best Game Console in 2022?

No matter how much evolution mobile and PC gaming undergoes, we all agree that console gaming is on a different level. Everything about gaming on your console just feels different. In fact, several other industries are finding ways to extend their services to consoles. How they will go about it, we don’t know. But what we know is that even some casinos with online casino bonuses for gamblers are already allowing players to gamble online through consoles. That alone is a great start.

The online casino sector has always been smart enough to catch up with trends. And it is one reason why it always undergoes constant growth. Looking into history, you will understand how far back the gambling industry is, contrary to what we have today. Well, several individuals are looking to join the console gang too. However, there are just so many consoles from different manufacturers, and it isn’t easy to choose. Read on and find the best gaming consoles in 2022.

Playstation 5

Playstations have always been a giant in the gaming industry. The breakthrough came with the Playstation 2, and since then, there has been no stopping for Sony. The Playstation 5 marks yet another milestone for the company as it provides an excellent gaming experience. Everything about the console, from physical to software, is outstanding. The controller is sleek and technologically equipped on its own as a next-level DualSense. Apart from the fancy lights, it vibrates and can give haptic feedback depending on the game you play.

The Playstation 5 offers true next-gen gaming and also supports 4k resolution. Gaming with this console is seamless as it offers a stunning 120fps with the right television. And because of the cloud capability, it comes with an in-built SSD with storage of up to 825GB. SSDs are known for their speed and functionality, so you are in for a seamless gaming experience. Although you can also buy discs, after all, playing the game is what truly matters.

Xbox Series X

Avid gamers know that Sony’s Playstation and Microsoft’s Xbox are fierce competitors. The Xbox Series X is the only console that matches the Playstation 5, and it has been this way in previous instalments. It has a rather unusual shape, but we view it as more compact. If you are a fan of all-black designs, you should peek at the Series X console. The controller is handy and also provides haptic feedback and vibrations.

The Xbox Series X edges its competitors with an amazing backward compatibility feature. Meaning you can play games that are meant for lower instalments, like the Xbox 360. Full backward compatibility is something Playstation never achieved, but the Xbox Series X cracked the code. It also comes with next-gen and 4k resolution. The 120fps also allows the smoothest gameplay irrespective of the game.

Xbox Series S

Xbox Series S is a more cost-efficient console from Microsoft. This console is less expensive than the Series X, yet it brings awesome features. Asides from not being able to play in 4K, gamers have nothing against this console. It supports up to 1440p, which, if played on a good television, would offer an awesome gaming experience. The Series S also gets updated games, making it one of the best in 2022.

This console is built for speed and efficiency. With its embedded SSD, you are certain of a buffer-free gaming experience and lag-free performance. The Series S is also great for its Xbox Game Pass support. In fact, of all their consoles, this console is the best for Xbox Game Pass as it seems to support more features. The Series X is worth checking if you are looking to start from something small as a console gamer.

Nintendo Switch

Every console we’ve listed thus far are main consoles, and they are not portable. If you are not always around your computer and prefer something portable, consider the Nintendo Switch. This handheld console is arguably the best mini gaming device you can get in 2022. We say so because there is no significant competition from other markets for the Nintendo Switch. Besides, the device offers a premium mobile gaming experience.

It comes with an ARM 4 Cortex-A57 CPU that runs up to 1.02Ghz. One reason why we love the Nintendo Switch is that it is multi-functional. If for any reason, you are bored of holding it, you can connect it to a television and enjoy your game on a wider screen. Yes! And it will work just like a regular console. It would be best if you did not raise your expectations too high because it is only a handheld console. It cannot run high-end features like 4K for obvious reasons, and we understand.

Xbox One S

Xbox One S may not be a recent release, but it is far from being genuinely outdated. This classic gaming console is what we term entry-level; however, you can get an excellent gaming show if you put it to work. And most importantly, if the price is your reason for not getting the Series X, the One S is a great alternative. It offers a 1080p gameplay performance with a very light and enjoyable feel.

The storage variations of the Xbox One S include

  • 2TB
  • 1TB
  • 500GB

The 4K resolution support is questionable as you can only run video playbacks in this resolution. Luckily, Microsoft hasn’t diverted all attention from the One S, so it still gets updates and recent gaming titles. You can also access the store and play games online. For a lite version, the Xbox One S sure surpasses expectations.

Playstation 4

Remember when we said Microsoft and Sony are fierce competitors? The Playstation 4 is the archenemy of the Xbox One S. If you are also looking for a lite Playstation that still gets a decent level of support, you should check out the Playstation 4. The console is affordable and well-rounded in its functionality. We also advise you to go for the slim version because it supports HDR.

Sony has not completely gone past the PS4, so owners still get updates. And most importantly, you still have a vast gaming library at your disposal. Although the slim does not support 4K gameplay, you can still enjoy great gaming with the 1080p support. The controller is also well-equipped with elegance and functionality. It is compact, handy, light, and very comfortable. And depending on which game you are playing, expect vibrations and feedback from the controller. If you want to enjoy a console like the Playstation 4, ensure that you have a good television.